The CivFanatics review Humankind, review #6

By | August 17, 2021

And now we got our final review for Humankind. Our modder and moderator Gedemon, known for his mods for Civ5, Civ6 and Old World, has also written down his first experience with the game. Read it here:

An excerpt: “Thankfully Humankind is much better on that side, I’ve not played enough for a definitive judgement, but the actions (and consequences) make sense, you’re facing leaders making decisions, not some caricatural (and sometime schizophrenic) historical figure getting mad because of an arbitrary threshold for number of ships, cities, resources, …”

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  1. Uberfrog

    Thanks for posting these to the front page! I’ve really enjoyed reading all the CivFanatics reviews.

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