The CivFanatics review Humankind, review #7

By | August 26, 2021

Our user SeelingCat, a Civfanatic since nearly 5 years, has written the last of the semi-official CivFanatics user reviews for Humankind. He weighs the pros and cons of the game, but overall comes to a positive conclusion. Read his review here:

An excerpt:

“However, at the same time, Humankind feels like it’s doing something new and different with its treatment of the 4X genre. The ability to change factions mid-game allows the player to pivot partway through the game to emphasize strengths or shore up weaknesses. Neighbors boxed you in? As the Romans you can steal their outposts. Taking the fight to their core cities? The Aztecs will let you get an army to the front in no time. Falling behind on science after your expansion? Choose the Joseon in the next era, perhaps, and catch up. Trying to keep your patchwork empire together? Sub in the Austro-Hungarians and their unique Opernhaus should take care of that. It’s a process that feels fluid and responsive and can breathe some fresh life into an otherwise long game. Additionally, the hybrid battle system – while not new to Amplitude’s games – feels fresh in the historical game landscape, straddling a middle ground between the Total War series’ real-time battles and Civilization’s strict adherence to turn-based warfare.”

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