Humankind Mac release update: x86 coming soon, M1 delayed

By | October 21, 2021

Amplitude has posted an update regarding the Mac version for Humankind: They report that they ran into unexpected difficulties with the M1 version. While the x86 version for Mac will be coming soon as a beta version, the M1 version will be delayed by several months.

If you own a M1 Mac, it is possible to return the game and to get your money back. For all details and instructions please read here:

2 thoughts on “Humankind Mac release update: x86 coming soon, M1 delayed

  1. Stephanie Young

    One has to ask why this game has issues with M1 when both Civ5 and Civ6 run on both x86 and M1 without any significant issues nor updates. I understand delays getting to to run on Mac vs PC but once you have it running on x86 Macs, the M1 should be fine. Maybe they should have let Aspyr do the port.

  2. The_J Post author

    Good question, but honestly no idea.
    I would assume that you can tune the port more specifically for M1 than if you’d run the x86 version via Rosetta… but I guess the devs know best in this case. They’d not delay this just for fun.

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