The TheCivGive2021 Extra Life charity event: $50,000 goal to Sick Kids Hospitals

By | November 14, 2021

Our friend and steamer TheCivShow has organized together with other known Civ streamers (Boesthius, VanBradley, Peppermint_Butler, OnSpotTV, Foybles, 100games100days, and 3 more to be announced) the CivGive2021: It is a charity event to raise money for local Sick Kids hospitals and the Children’s Miracle Network. The goal is to raise $50.000, and the event will culminate with a streamed 10 player FFA of the people on the roster on December 19.

We from CivFanatics have already contributed, and we hope you will to! You can find the donations page here . For some of the streamers you will get some small perks with the donation for the final stream too (besides simply feeling good because you did a good deed ;)).

You can also discuss this event in our forum here: