TurnBasedLovers: Best 10 4X Strategy Games of All Time

By | December 1, 2021

TurnBasedLovers have published their list of the 10 best 4X strategy games out there. To no surprise, this list contains Civ6! The whole article contains a lot of classics, obviously, like Alpha Centauri, Masters of Magic or Master of Orion II, but also Civ4: Colonization.

An excerpt:

“It should come as little surprise that the granddaddy of every other game on this list would come out on top, especially with how well-designed the franchise’s most recent incarnation has turned out. Civilization is one of the few franchises that improves with each new entry without backsliding. Civ 6 has proven that the team at Firaxis can pinpoint what makes their games fun and keep those elements while still experimenting and pushing the genre forward.”

Read the whole article here: https://turnbasedlovers.com/lists/best-10-4x-strategy-games-of-all-time/

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