New indy game release: Dragon Evo

By | March 1, 2022

The developers of Dragon Evo have asked us to spread the word about their just released game, and we are happy to do so, if it falls somewhat in the interest area of us CivFanatics.
Dragon Evo is (per description) a turn-based deck-builder, so similar in some way to Magic The Gathering. You fight with your cards in a fantasy setting, trying to beat your opponent on the other side of the map.
According to the devs there is also some building involved, you build infrastructure, and need to manage its upkeep with gold. Right now there are no grand strategy features or diplomacy, but we got told this could be an option for the future.

The game normally costs 8.19€, but is currently discounted to 7.37€. This game is in early-access.
This game does not fall into our core focus area, but turn-based games which have building and fighting are probably somewhat of interest for us. The game is also cheap, so I guess this can’t hurt to maybe have a look if you’re running low on unplayed games in your Steam library.

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