Gatecrashers: Civilization IV: The Games That Made Us

By | March 11, 2022

Patrick Dickerson of GateCrashers has writtena blog post about his experience with Civ4. I don’t think he writes anything which anyone here has never experienced, but it is a very good summary how everyone probably feels about this game.

An excerpt:

Civilization IV was an important game for me because it helped make me who I am. It showed me that there were others out there like me who was fascinated by the history of our world and wanted to spend time deep-diving into it. It made me feel like I had a place in the gaming community. I have since branched out into other genres of games since discovering Civilization IV, but I know I never would have found my other favorite games like Mass Effect if it wasn’t for the countless hours spent playing Sid Meier’s Civilization IV. Here’s to always taking “One More Turn”!”

Read the full blog post here, and discuss it in our forum here.