Folk Emerging – a prehistoric 4X announced

By | February 27, 2023

We got asked to help get out the word about this game, and we’re happy to do so, since it looks interesting.
“Folk Emerging” is basically game which brings you to the point where our beloved “Civilization” starts: At the point where Civilization starts.
This game is about controlling a band of hunter-gatheres on a turn-based hex field. You need to research new technologies like making fire, clothing or tents. You also need to deal with the hostile fauna, gather food, and develop societal norms. Your band of humans will need to develop the skills necessary for starting a civilization, and will need to explore the lands around them.
Overall this game looks like you should play first a round of this, and afterwards a round of Civ, since they look complementary, and should satisfy the urge of everyone who wants to go mammoth hunting. If you like Civ, then it might be wise to follow this game.

It has only been officially announced today, so it’s not yet ready. A steam page for “Folk Emerging” is here, in case you want to wishlist it, you can follow the developers on Twitter here and you can discuss this game with us here.