Play the old Alpha Centauri “Game Of The Month” games!

By | March 2, 2023

The “Game Of The Month” has a tradition in the Civ series, which even goes beyond it: Alpha Centauri once also had a “Game Of The Month” (GOTM)! Buster’s Uncle, the admin of has been so kind to collect all of these savegames and their descriptions, and has uploaded them here to our Alpha Centauri scenario thread (created by Darsnan). So if you feel like trying out a classic challenge for a classic game, then have a look at the 15 newly added scenarios here. E.g. the image in this announcement belongs to the GOTM of December 2014, and you play sister Deidre, who starts with more landing pods than usual on a planet with dense cloud cover and abundant planet life. Your goal is to win via the Ascent to Transcendence Secret Project in the smallest number of turns.

Curious? Check out the thread!