Civilization 7 – Not before middle 2024?

By | May 24, 2023

We are all eagerly waiting for Civilization 7, so we cling to every piece of information we can get.

Our moderator Eagle Pursuit has written down a short analysis of a recent fiscal report of Take2, and there is some chance that we will not get it before the middle of 2024. The fiscal report outlines various details, including which already released games will bring the most influx of money, as well as newly released games with big potential. The latter list names known sports games, as well as a new IP, but no Civilization title. From this information we infer right now that the next Civ title will not come in the fiscal year 2024, which ends in April 2024. This is an unconfirmed analysis, and also these plans do change, so nothing is sure yet, although we do think there is the possibility that this is indeed the case.

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