Humankind Scenario Challenge 11: Aurigan Summer

By | July 27, 2023

Amplitude have posted a new scenario challenge for Humankind!
This time you get a cross-over from Amplitude’s space game Endless Space, and you must leave ravaged planet to find a new home.

The official description is the following:

The Aurigan Summer Scenario Challenge

Auriga, home to such iconic factions as the Vaulters, plays a key role in the unfolding story of the Endless universe. It’s a beautiful planet, but also a dangerous one. Wracked by cataclysms before, the world seemingly recovered, only to spiral towards destruction once more. Can you lead your people to find a way to escape or to survive the increasingly hostile environment, even without the help of the near-magical powers of Dust?

How to play the scenario:

  1. Download the save AuriganSummer.ctr
  2. Place the save in “/Documents/Humankind/Save Files”
  3. Load the save labeled “AuriganSummer” in game
  4. (optional) If you want to submit a score to the leaderboard, check this post

Scenario Conditions

  • Victory Condition: Most Fame at game end
  • End Condition: Space Race, Endgame Technologies
  • Game Conditions: Nation difficulty, Fast game speed, no DLC or mods
  • Leaderboard Submission Deadline: August 28th
  • Leaderboard Ranking: Fastest Victory, tiebreaker by Fame

We hope you’ll have fun building a glorious city full of wonderful structures!

For the official post please click here, for all information please click here, and join us here for the discussion.