New fan Colonization recreation project in development announced!

By | August 13, 2023

New fan project detected! While FreeCol is an excellent recreation of the Colonization experience that we highly recommend due to it’s many features, enhancements & modability there are some that still wish for a 1:1 recreation of the original Colonization and it’s classic 2D graphics that works on modern machines, allows modern viewing resolutions (like Col for Windows does), and has easy modability. One of the Col fans FB group community members David has announced that he’s working on such a thing, so we wish him all the best! Here’s some info he shared with us:

“[A faithful recreation of the original] is already in progress, it’s been in active development for about five years now by myself, currently sitting at around 150k LOC. It is not associated with any of the existing versions of the game nor their developers. It is a faithful remake of the original in terms of rules and gameplay, all the way down to things like replicating the original prime resource distribution algorithm and the same market price fluctuation mechanics. Graphics wise, it will return to the original style, namely 2D tile-based pixel art graphics, MIDI soundtrack with re-arranged versions of the original tunes, etc. But will also have some modern features, like scriptability/modability in Lua, and supporting different monitor resolutions and aspect ratios while preserving original look. Pre-pre alpha screenshot attached (note, still with some placeholder graphics). Realistically, it will probably be another two years until it reaches the alpha stage. Get ready for a true modern Col DOS revival in the not-too-distant future!”

Discuss this new project with us here, and also read the article by Indie Retro News about it.