Daily Archives: December 15, 2023

Humankind: George Sand update announced

By | December 15, 2023

Amplitude Studios have announced an upcoming update for their game Humankind. This update will come with a lot of rebalancing, new modding tools, more map generation options, the possibility to have a culture more than once in a game, and many more things! For the full information, please read the thread in the forum here.

New Old World DLC announced: Wonders & Dynasties!

By | December 15, 2023

Mohawk Games, the developers of Old World, have announced a new DLC, called “Wonders & Dynasties”. This DLC will add 30 new leaders, 8 new wonders, and probably a lot more things. The DLC is scheduled for January 11. Discuss this DLC with us here. For the already regular players, a new update, #117, has been released. This… Read More »