Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri 25th Anniversary Celebration – Fan Film Series, Game Remake & More!

By | February 10, 2024

To celebrate Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri 25th Anniversary this week talented fans at CivFanatics have been creating some excellent SMAC content for us all to sit back and enjoy the read below!

Firstly UniversityBase has just released the start of a stunning short film series retelling the story of University faction leader Prokhor Zakharov’s journey to Alpha Centauri. The CGI & animation work is outstanding and Civilization fans will also get a kick out of this as the video begins with the Civ1 intro sequence that started it all for us all those years ago! This is only the first episode so there’s more to come too!More info here.

Secondly ZombiVoziKombi has created a lovely high quality audio & visual album of all of SMAC’s cutscenes, audio & visuals curated and presented under different categories (eg factions). More info here.

Thirdly Axis Kast & MysticWind are continuing their huge SMAC Fan Fiction Photo Essay project producing pages of fascinating info about the planet, the factions, and their leaders. Seeing all the cool images they collect often takes us right back to those first moments landing on planet. More info here.

Fourthly nj666 has continued work on his excellent open-source OpenGL/SDL2 reimplementation/remake of SMAC recently releasing a new version with functioning multiplayer lobby & connection, however despite his rapid progress there’s still a while to go before it’s fully playable. More info here.

Fifthly there’s been plenty of other cool SMAC related things going on over the last year such as the continuation of…

induktio ‘s Thinker Mod:
bvanevery ‘s AI Growth Mod:
SMAC Scenario Repository (curated by Darsnan ):
Damjan’s AI images:

Lastly sadly the beloved resource website for all things SMAC has been down for a few months now due to technical problems out of it’s owner Buster’s Uncle ‘s control. The decades of excellent content on that site is irreplaceable so we hope BU can get it going again eventually. In the meantime we’ve got a thread on CivFanatics keeping an eye on the situation.

More info:

Well that’s everything we know about! If you know of something else awesome and SMAC related from recent times that we haven’t covered then please let us know in the comments and if it’s your project please make thread about it so we can follow your work! Happy anniversary SMAC fans! Join us here for the celebration!