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Millennia | Community Q&A II

By | February 17, 2024

The developers of Millennia have posted their second community Q&A. This Q&A was run while the demo was active (still is for another 2 days!), so some interesting in-depth questions were asked. If you want to know more about the space race or a more culturally tied winning condition, religions, their differences, and many other things, then check… Read More »

New indie game release – AlexanderBall: A Countryball Tale

By | February 17, 2024

And we are getting another interesting release – AlexanderBall: A Countryball Tale.Also this game is a historical turn-based 4X game, where you play as Alexander the Great. As in other games, you also recruit armies, fight turn-based hex battles, build your cities and conduct diplomacy. But, the twist, all characters and units are not humans, but country balls!… Read More »