PCGamesN: Pixel art Civilization 6 rival deals in the dark side of diplomacy (Imperial Ambitions)

By | April 8, 2024

PCGamesN just published an article about an upcoming game, which should be up to the taste of the Civ-fanatics, “Imperial Ambitions“. As the title of the article indicates, this is a turn-based 4X game, probably closer to Colonization than to Civilization 6 though, and it comes in a retro look. You manage an European empire in the age of Imperialism, you optimize trade, deal with the social classes in your empire, and you will probably also fight other European empires with some cute pixel soldiers. An excerpt from the article:

Like any good 4X game, however, conflict isn’t the main focus – more a means to an end. A free Steam demo available now allows you to experience in-depth tutorials for settlement management, resource gathering, and production elements, along with a demonstration of how trade works in Imperial Ambitions and a brief look at combat. After running through the full thing myself, it’s definitely a game I’m keeping a close eye on.

Read the article here, download the free demo here, and discuss with us here.