Sullla’s AI Survivor Season Eight – Game 2

By | June 2, 2024

AI Survivor is an annual competition of all Civilization IV AI Leaders by long-time Civilization enthusiast and streamer Sullla.

Last Friday, we were treated to an exciting, and surprising 😮, Game 1. Also-ran Hammurabi of Babylon won a Domination victory against a heavily favored Kublai Khan of Mongolia. Impressively, Hammy fought off many attempts at assassination only to turn the tide on the aggressors. Churchill did his usual English bit of finishing second 😁. The remaining contestants were eliminated.

Game 2 this week features the stout Justinian of the Byzantines, everyone’s favorite backstabber in the effervescent and demand-y Cathy of Russia, and the biggest wildcard of them all in Wang Kon of Korea, AKA “The Troll King” 🧌. Wang rarely wins in Survivor but he sure makes things interesting with his unpredictable play. Game 2 will surely be an exciting and vicious matchup. Don’t forget to make your prediction in the picking contest.

Game 2 of AI Survivor begins Friday, June 7 on Sullla’s Twitch Channel at noon EST.

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