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Game of the Month 145: July 2013

Game Settings:
Civilization: French
Map: Custom (40×50) round map; 7 civ’s
Difficulty: Deity
Barbarians: Villages only
Restarts: On
One City Challenge (victory by spaceship or conquest)

Starting Techs:

~ None


Map: There is a patch of land right in the middle of the world that is the designated ideal location for One City Challenge. It has 4 specials: whale, wine, oasis, and gold. The rest of the city radius is covered by one forest, grasslands, and ocean. All land pieces have a river through them. Oceans allow access to open waters both on east and west.

One settler should head down river to get the visible hut and the other should head up river for the starting location which can be reached in one turn. Rival player starting positions are set at prime 3 or 4 special locations. From each color group the chosen civilization is the rational one except for orange (and blue) for whom no rational civ exists. Carthaginians are chosen for orange to have an even mix (2 of each) of perfectionist vs. (neutral) vs. expansionist and an even mix of civilized vs. (neutral) vs. militaristic. The rivals, thus are Celt, Babylonian, Spanish, American, Carthaginian, and Indian. Celt (NE), Babylonians (NW), Americans (SW), and Indians (SE) are directly connected to the ideal city location via a river. All 4 start on a river head. Spanish and Carthaginians start at the opposite ends of the other continent. There is good amount of land for every one, but French, to expand.

Special rules:
You must play OCC (space ship or conquest); all OCC rules apply.
The visible hut must be reloaded as many times as necessary till you get a fast unit.

Games will be due on September 15th, 2013.

Please be sure to follow the submission guidelines when submitting your game (please do not send your files in a .zip file. Attach them directly to your e-mail with your name in the save file).

Please sent the savegames only to

Have fun.

For more info look at this thread.

To download the game.