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Game of the Month 154: April 2014


Game Settings:
Civilization: American (2 settlers)
Map: 50×60 game generated map which is a young (3 billion year old) normal temperate archipelago with small Land mass, round
Civ’s: 5 (white and green are out)
Difficulty: Emperor
Barbarians: Roving Bands (-25)
Restarts: On
Victory: by spaceship or conquest

Starting Techs:
~ Alphabet
~ Code of Laws
~ Masonry

Games will be due on June 2nd, 2014.

Please be sure to follow the submission guidelines when submitting your game (please do not send your files in a .zip file. Attach them directly to your e-mail with your name in the save file).

Please sent the savegames only to

Have fun.

For more info look at this thread.

To download the game.