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Game of the Month 156: June 2014

Game Settings:
Civilization: Babylonian (1 settler)
Map: 71×140 and has one land mass: a giant 1-tile thick spiral, round
Civ’s: 7
Difficulty: Emperor
Barbarians: Restless Tribes (+0)
Restarts: On
Victory: by spaceship or conquest
Known map: Known map means the starting save can be opened in the map editor at any point during game play.

Starting Techs:
~ Alphabet
~ Code of Laws
~ Pottery


The world is 71×140 and has one land mass: a giant 1-tile thick spiral. Babylonians start at the innermost part of the spiral. The world is round. Rival starting positions are random. There are 5 ocean tiles between any two edges of the spiral placing them beyond the reach of a trireme. The spiral touches both poles. Games will be due on August 4th, 2014.


Please be sure to follow the submission guidelines when submitting your game (please do not send your files in a .zip file. Attach them directly to your e-mail with your name in the save file).


Please sent the savegames only to

Have fun.

For more info look at this thread.

To download the game.