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Civilization II: Game of the Month

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Starting with GOTM 45 some of the rules have changed:

  • The Food Caravan Trick (Rule #10) is now allowed.
  • Unnaturally Large City Sizes (Rule #12) is now allowed.
  • Caravan Rehoming (Rule #24) is no longer allowed.
  • Reloading the game is not allowed.
  • Cheat mode may never be activated.
  • Revealing the map, outside of normal game play, in any fashion is not allowed at any point of the game.
  • Hex editing is not allowed.
  • Changing the rules.txt file is not allowed.
  • You may only play and submit your first attempt.
  • You must finish by either:
    • Conquest
    • Spaceship (Yours or the AI’s)
    • Forced Retirement at AD 2020
  • Airbases can only be used for tactical purposes. They may not be used to replace railroads and farmland.
  • The unsinkable trireme/uncrashable plane trick is not allowed.
  • Caravan Rehoming is not allowed.

For more detailed descriptions of any of these rules, see the discussion thread in the Civ 2 GOTM forum.


Because getting a high score takes so much time, we take the date you finish your game into account much more than the game itself does. We have developed the following way of scoring the games for the GOTM:

= GOTM score
N = normal score
M = maximum number of turns

T = turn finished

Note that we look at the turns, not the date.

Because our scoring method accounts for the speed
in which a game is played, the bonus score of the game
itself will be ignored and the score will be calculated manually by pressing F9
and adding all the separate scores (from population, achievements, etc.)

Excel file for Score Calculator

Submission for the GOTM

Your submission for the GOTM will generally be due around the first Saturday after the 5th of the following month.

When submitting your Game of the Month, you need to send in the required saved games; saved around AD 1, AD 1000, and just before the game ends (by taking the last city, a spaceship landing, or forced retirement).

Please rename the saved games as follows: Nickname_GOTMXX_Date.sav

For example:

Duke of Marlbrough_GOTM30_AD1.sav [Your AD 1 Save]

Duke of Marlbrough_GOTM30_AD1000.sav [Your AD 1000 Save]

Duke of Marlbrough_GOTM30_AD2020.sav [Your Last Turn Save]

Also provide some basic information about your game:

  • Name you use in the CivFanatics Forums
  • Your Score
  • The Ending Turn/Year
  • Any notes that are needed to complete the turn.

When you have these saves together, please send them to the GOTM Staff.

If you’ve read all the rules and understand the scoring system, then you are ready
to download the GOTM.