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Civilization II: Game of the Month

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Submission for the GOTM

When submitting your Game of the Month, you need to send in the required saved games; saved around AD 1, AD 1000, and just before the game ends (by taking the last city, a spaceship landing, or forced retirement).

Please rename the saved games as follows: Nickname_GOTMXX_Date.sav

For example:

Duke of Marlbrough_GOTM30_AD1.sav [Your AD 1 Save]

Duke of Marlbrough_GOTM30_AD1000.sav [Your AD 1000 Save]

Duke of Marlbrough_GOTM30_AD2019.sav [Your Last Turn Save]

Also provide some basic information about your game:

  • Name you use in the CivFanatics Forums

  • Your Score

  • The Ending Turn/Year

  • Any notes that are needed to complete the turn.

When you have these saves together, please send them to the GOTM Staff.