Civilization II: Scenario Hall of Fame: 1996




Kevin Gilbert’s Website and Star Trek Modpack with several scenarios still reigns supreme even after all this time. Yes, it is true that the graphics are now more improved in many new scenarios, but you must consider that in 1998, it was Kevin’s idea and graphics that launched most of the Star Trek scenario craze for Civilization anyway. Also, it is the approach to using the units and the selection of which ones thought to create the Star Trek environment that has set a standard for way many Star Trek scenarios. This contribution as set in motion a wonderful beginning of some of the best scenarios I’ve ever played. Kevin Gilbert’s Star Trek mods, and website are highly recommended!


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The Holy Wars scenario by David Morovan is a must-have scenario. It features numerous graphics changes, new units, tech tree, icons, terrains, and just about the kitchen sink. The Holy Wars scenario is explicitely accurate and entails an interactive events file that guides the player through the beginning of their crusade. As a designer, Morovan then allows the player their own opportunity to rewrite history by knowing when to stop events. I would also like to commend the map as being straight forward and sensible because the scenario is objectively scored. More than just a well-orchestrated scenario, Holy Wars is an excellent play. Civfanatics applauds David Morovan for his fine creation.


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We have all played the Roman scenario from Microprose and said that it needed something. I think it needed Michael Jeszenka. One of the best scenarios I’ve ever played, and it’s just what the doctor ordered. The Roman Empire Scenario by Jeszenka is a tribute to the abilities of a great scenario designer. Jeszenka uses a sensible maps and a unique "play only Romans" approach to the game. It is set up to begin in Gaul with Julius Caesar’s campaign and you get to take it from there. There is nothing like a good Roman scenario, except for the addition of many good graphics, terrains, and units that Jeszenka gladly delivers to us in 1998. The fact that the point of the scenario is to challenge the player to recreate the history of Rome is an enormous goal to motivate a player to participate in. However, the events of the scenario do just that. Also, Jeszenka is the outstanding author of two other favorite scenarios of mine: Second Reich and Third Reich (1999). Hats off to a veteran designer, who really knows his stuff.


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I would like to give a warm welcome to the long awaited nomination of Pauli Paananen. Folks, the TRAKORIA – the Rise of the Clavian Empire Scenario v2.0 is one of the best Fantasy scenarios around. Just about every aspect of the game has been modified and modeled after a popular Swedish Fantasy story. But I would like to commend the author on the immense quality and completeness of artwork that is featured throughout the scenario. There also needs to be substantial recognition for the Paananen’s use of sounds. This is probably one of the first Fantasy scenarios to rely so heavily on sounds for its atmosphere and the author’s use of these sounds have set a precedent for other scenarios. I wanted to express that it is without a doubt that anyone playing this scenario will be impressed, and the Trakoria scenario is supported by an excellent website. Moreover, there is an online manual at: Special thanks to a dedicated designer!


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By 1998, you would probably have expected most designers to have bought the Conflicts in Civilization Scenarios CD or the Fantastic Worlds CD to make a scenario. But not Leon Marrick. He outright said no to events and created a scenario. Most notably, Marrick orchestrates a large volume of details together with the historical account of Arabia in 1902 and blends it together in one of the best middle-east scenarios ever: Arabia Awakes, v1.0. In the author’s own words,"From the beginning, I went for fast, fluid, attack-oriented warfare in a colorful cultural background. Whenever a more sophisticated analysis threatened to disrupt game ‘feel’, I threw it out…I threw in a bit of economic development to balance matters out, erected a system of political and diplomatic relations, gave each power a very different starting situation and/or national goals…" Marrick successfully built a very military scenario about the most unlikely of campaigns one would expect and made it fun to play all nations. Civfanatics recognizes the excellent contribution and ideas of such a creative author!


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Obviously, I can’t pick everyone myself. There are a lot of players out there that have their own ideas about who should be in this Hall of Fame. We need to work together to make sure that everyone gets a fair shake. Send me your candidates AND state their contribution, reason or justification that qualifies them for the Hall of Fame. Contributions to the hall of fame are always welcomed. Scenarios and Modpacks do not need to be in English to be considered, but emails for nominations have to be. Be advised, I will play their modpack, scenario or creation just because I want to.


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