Civilization II: Scenario Hall of Fame: 1999



Nominated by John Valdez, Eyn’s Scenario: Mafia is one of the most unconventional
I’ve seen. The scenario shows landmark achievement and understanding, especially
regarding terrain graphics and the concepts that guide the parameters and
limitations of Civ II (it should be noted that most of the UNITS for this
scenario were taken from Cameron Hills’ scenario: “Ganster”).  Eyn’s
webpage offers a number of scenarios that seek to satisfy the interests of
both French and English players. Not only do I highly recommend the website,
but also there are a lot of dedicated modpack/scenario authors that could
learn a great deal from the website but the ability to read French should
be noted. I have to give Eyn one of the highest marks in achievement that
the Scenario Hall of Fame can give.


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Captain Nemo has entered this hall of fame as an established veteran scenario
designer. Nominated by Michael Dnes for Red Front and Second Front,
it is wonderful to be able to include an author whose attention to detail
truly exceeds the norm. I want to say that I have long awaited this
nomination because I have played both scenarios with great enjoyment. Two
more scenarios to check out are 2194 Days of War and The American Civil War
Scenario both co-authored by Alex the Magnificent. Many innovations including
the way the shields are displayed, set these scenarios apart from the rest.


Although attempts to contact Captain Nemo have not been successful, let this
tribute speak for all who have enjoyed magic of his scenarios.



Miguel Sanahuja sent me a nomination for Alex the Magnificient for his scenario:
SPARTACUS: THE QUEST FOR FREEDOM. This scenario is a war and adventure game
like no other and it is played in seven chapters all of which must be completed
consecutively in a limited number of turns before you can advance to the
next chapter. According to Miguel, “Spartacus is in my opinion the best
and funniest scenario ever done, give it a try if you haven´t played
it yet he also has a few good ones like Peloponesian wars he calls himself
as the best unit designer (a little ambitious) but his scenarios are really
good.” I have to agree with Miguel, I played Spartacus, and it is a great
scenario. Also, keep in mind that Alex the Magnificent co-authored 2194 DAYS
OF WAR with Captain Nemo (another SHOF winner!). Alex the Magnificent has
definitely shown fluent ability and accomplishment in the craft of scenario


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Mr. Temba was nominated to the Scenario Hall of Fame by Kobayashi who had
this to say, “Temba is one of the lesser known civ2 scenario pioneers,
perhaps because of his preference to make non-historical scenarios. These
Fantasy/Sci-Fi scenarios tend to require the adaptation of entirely new
environments to the Civ2 engine and serve to highlight both Temba’s creative
talents and his mastery of the various aspects of scenario making.”
His best creation is undoubtedly ‘Underdark’, a novel, witty and
well-planned scenario about an underground world. This and his other works
like ‘Sagan: Earth 3000’, a winner of awards in the Second Scenario
Design Contest and ‘Enemy of God’, a five part scenario about the
legend of King Arthur are archived in various collections throughout the
Internet as a testament to Mr. Temba’s legacy of authoring quality


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When I think of talented scenario designers, it is Allard H.S. Höfelt
that comes to mind. I certainly glad to be able to present this fine veteran
author to our SHOF and it is an honor. One of the pioneers of historical
scenarios and definitely among the most deserving, Höfelt has demonstrated
that all times in history can be explored successfully and with as much
exhilaration and interest as WWII or the Roman Empires. Höfelt’s scenario
PAX HISPANICA is probably the longest title for a Civ II scenario ever
created. Yet, it is more than deserving in this nomination. Aside from the
technical aspects of the scenario being exactly what a player would expect
from a veteran designer, the graphics are beautifully done with inspiring
color, animals such as sheep, and even flowers. The best way to describe
Allard’s work is imaginatve, progressive, or even stupendous, but even
so, it still borders understatement. The SHOF proudly receives Allard
to recognize this fine author.


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It is often the case that I play a lot of scenario that are repeats of old
ideas. However, Hanti was good enough to bend a few rules, stretch the
imagination and outright focus on playability departing only creatively from
the historical account. To some, this might seem unusual and too others,
it is a bit refreshing. In short, Hanti’s scenario, THE 4 SEA REPUBLICS –
GOLDEN EDITION, takes the use of events to facilitate historical situations
to new heights. It is a scenario that you have to play to appreciate as
a graphically pleasant one to look at. Mostly, the author expects the
player to meet objects or meet national goals. The flexibility that is used
to win merits extensive thought and continuity for the whole scenario. Play
it both ways and it seems like a different scenario each time. A remarkable
scenario and an admirable creation!


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If there is one author that has single handed taken the world of scenario
creation by force, I would have to say that it is Dan Scheltema with his
SLASH AND BURN scenario. Dan’s work on this marvelous patch brings the world
of the ancient Amazon to life in a struggle to stay alive in an inhospitable
terrain. He enlightens our dreams and imagination in a story that not
only makes sense but encourages the player to develop a strategy of aspiring
to a civilization. There could not be a more appropriate goal or use
of the game than Dan has given us in this inspiring achievement. Civfanatics
is proud to place Dan Scheltema’s name in the SHOF!


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Look out everyone, Techumseh is here. If ever there was a scenario designer
that needed no introduction, we have one now. Nominated for two very outstanding
scenarios: Prince of Darkness v2.0 and  the RUSSIAN CIVIL WAR, Techumseh
has shown expert ability to dazzle players with his incredible scenario designs
and challenging objectives. Techumseh has also proven to be a diverse author
capable of formulating scenario designs for everything from history to fantasy.
Civfanatics welcomes Techumseh to a rightful place in the SHOF.


Please send your thanks and appreciation to Techumseh:



Fantasy scenarios are among the most challenging because they often require
a complete story and distinct set of rules to follow it; Blackclove shows
masterful skill in doing this with: Dungeon: Heroes of Beckhorn v3.1 scenario.
If there is one thing to say about this scenario, it is satisfying at every
moment of play. You are immediately engrossed in the beginning of the program
to the end without any thought of quitting. An extremely intricate map and
your own skills as a hero or towns governor are your only strengths to battle
the monsters. An exceptional events file accompanies this creation of perfection
that is an absolute must-have for every civ player. We are proud to welcome
Blackclove to the SHOF as we continue our quest to vanquish monsters.


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Obviously, I can’t pick everyone myself. There are a lot of players out there
that have their own ideas about who should be in this Hall of Fame. We need
to work together to make sure that everyone gets a fair shake. Send
me your candidates AND state their
contribution, reason or justification that qualifies them for the Hall of
Fame. Contributions to the hall of fame are always welcomed. Scenarios and
Modpacks do not need to be in English to be considered, but emails for
nominations have to be. Be advised, I will play their modpack, scenario or
creation just because I want to.


Be sure to send the link to their website
if they have one!

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