Civilization II: Scenario Hall of Fame: 2000



Nominated by SunTzu of, Petroski has put together ANSTEIG,
which is probably one of the best WWII scenarios of all time, including a
massive set of files that utilize the benefits of multiple events files.
The scenario changes seasons and creates an environment as close to the 2nd
World War as possible. Exciting units and sounds make this scenario an absolute
treat to game players. If you don’t play any other scenario this year, be
sure to play this one! Finally, Up the Deadly Boot is another scenario by
John that underscores his commitment to unique factors and ways of looking
at things. He successfully built a scenario that maps the historical Italian
campaign in the second world war with all the enthusiasm of a veteran scenario
designer. A remarkable accomplishment and a great scenario.

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Balsinde has taken everyone on a journey through the conquests of the new
world and the glorious history of Spain. The scenarios that Balsinde is nominated
for are the OF CELTS AND IBERIANS: Conquest of the Silver Country, and MEXICO:
Aztecs Road to Empire (v.2.0). In addition Balsinde is the author of: ALBA
DE AMERICA, and THE QUEST FOR ELDORADO one of the best historical scenarios
I’ve ever played. These great scenarios feature well balanced action
with excellent units and great attention to ancient cultural names. The
impressive part about these scenarios is that they are not over done. Balsinde
has kept in mind the sensibility of using only the units needed as well as
the time frame for what is to be achieved. A lot of ancient scenarios are
out there, but Balsinde has demonstrated the successful contribution of the
Spanish cultural influence in the world.


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I am proud to introduce one of the best veteran scenario designers in the
business. The nomination of Carl Fritz has been one that I expected long
ago and we would like to congratulate Carl on a job well done. For one thing,
his scenario: Justinian the Great v1.2, is monument in itself. It is a scenario
that captures the changes in the Roman Empire after its division and follows
the history quite well. I should also mention the exceptional diversity that
Fritz exhibits in his presentation of the Struggle for Empire v2.1 in which
he switches gears and gives players the chance to play the French and Indian
War. Play the English and reinact the war to capture Quebec. One of the most
maticulate scenario designers, Fritz has shown repeated variability and
workmanship in scenarios like Brownman’s Burden , The Battle of Algiers,
and Darklord. I simply don’t know where to stop in the praise that this
devoted scenario author deserves for his magnificent accomplishments. Plus,
it should be mentioned that Carl Fritz is also a recipient of the esteemed
Leonardo DaVinci award for his work on Civ2City, CivHot, and CivTweak utility
programs already in the Hall of Fame at Civfanatics. He is also the only
author to receive both awards.


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When I think of Star Trek and Civ II, I know that it is an uphill battle
to please trekkers. Joseph Santurri took the challenge with his scenario:
“Star Trek Wars.”* I’d like to congratulate Joseph because he not only pleased
the Federation, but he successfully landed in the SHOF. There is not much
to say outside of the fact that Joseph creates a Star Trek world that is
believable and manufactures a spectacular storyline. To say that Star Trek
Wars is one of the best Star Trek scenarios ever made is an understatement.
It is my hope that Santurri will recognize this entry in the SHOF as a sign
of his impending mission- “To seek out new scenarios, to create with all
new missions; and boldly go where no scenario author has gone before.”

*Special note: This scenario plays best in FW


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Although I am a “modpack guy”* at heart, even I thought that the day
of the modpack for Civ II died. I personally went kicking and screaming.
 Tim Smith is just a diehard. Smith has revived modpacks and UPGRADED
Civ II with his HiRes (“High Resolution”) Mod Pack/Graphics Patch v2.4. Quite
possibly the forerunner of the idea which carried over to Civ III modpacks,
this upgrade solution is certainly a great one. However, it must be mentioned
that Smith did significant research and spent an enormous amount of time
obtaining accurate pictures, scanning, and modifying graphics to make this
exceptional patch. Tim did everyone a favor with this mod because it is one
of the best ever made and it is done with absolute conciseness. Hats off
to Tim Smith, who joins the SHOF as a hero!

*Coined by Kobayashi in the Civfanatics forum.


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When I think of historical scenarios, I have to admit that I usually think
of the Spanish Empire, British Empire, the Romans, Byzantines, Ottomans,
Greeks, Egyptians and so forth. However, it is always intriguing to find
an author who can bring to life a period in history that is not necessarily
well-known; and, without expecting it, someone who can teach us a great
deal about a wonderful country such as Sweden. Markus Eklund expertly does
just that in his scenario: KARL’S INVASION OFF RUSSIA. An excellent scenario
as well as a great introduction to the history of the Swedish Empire, Eklund
gives us a run-down in everything from the events to the readme file.
Also, another characteristic of this scenario is that Eklund integrates the
seasons into this work of art to bring it to life, so that players are closer
to the actual events. The SHOF is more than happy to place Markus Eklund’s
name in recognition of his outstanding acheivement.


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Obviously, I can’t pick everyone myself. There are a lot of players out there
that have their own ideas about who should be in this Hall of Fame. We need
to work together to make sure that everyone gets a fair shake. Send
me your candidates AND state their
contribution, reason or justification that qualifies them for the Hall of
Fame. Contributions to the hall of fame are always welcomed. Scenarios and
Modpacks do not need to be in English to be considered, but emails for
nominations have to be. Be advised, I will play their modpack, scenario or
creation just because I want to.


Be sure to send the link to their website
if they have one!

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