Civilization II: Scenario Hall of Fame: Top 100

Welcome to the TOP 100 SCENARIOS section. You should know that the scenarios
included in the TOP 100 are not ranked in any way. In fact, Top 100 isn’t
even a list of a hundred. The 100 stands for 100%–and that is exactly the
grade they get. I personally recommend these scenarios for play because I
have tried them I thought their play merited the “Best of the Net.” Unlike
the SHOF scenarios, I personally select the TOP 100 SCENARIOS. If you have
authored or found a scenario NOT listed here that you think is TOP 100 material,
send it to me –see requirements
for submissions below. Check out the beginning of Top
100 Scenarios

I invite ALL players to review
a Top 100 scenario and YOUR review can be posted here at civfanatics.

Secondly, there is an entire story about my experiences regarding the creation
of the Top 100
>>>here<<<. The technical aspects
of choosing Top 100 scenarios are now available to look at
>>>click for details<<<.




You may submit a nomination or an actual scenario to consider for either
TOP 100 or SCENARIO HALL OF FAME. Do not send scenarios that are posted at
CivFanatics (I can download them myself). If you send a scenario, it must
be zipped and include a readme.txt file, the year of production, and the
name of the author for consideration.

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