Part 2 of Chronicle of Cyrus Eterna, leader of all Persia

Chronicle of Cyrus Eterna, leader of all Persia

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Page 2:

AD 1650    Census bureau reports the Persian population at 5,020,000 *

               Kara Kum opens a public Library.

               Sioux gain Literacy from the English in exchange for Polytheism. Elizabeth and

               Sitting Bull make peace.

               Zulu Ironclad ship observed sinking barbarian frigate with four units aboard.

AD 1660    Sahara Hill opens a public Library.

               Shakala is again hailed with the same plan as 1600, but is still “too busy’ with the

               Wondrous project to consider a knowledge trade.

               Vikings gain Pottery from Spain in exchange for Banking.

AD 1670    Darius delivers his completed study of Economics. At his prompting, Cyrus moves

               Susa to developing a comprehensive Trading Company, instead of Embassy.

               Persian scientists begin work to copy the Zulu’s Steam Engine.

               Embassy in Veii reports Spain has begun constructing an Embassy ala the Vikings.

AD 1680    Ghature’s population becomes large enough that an Aqueduct is constructed.

               Behistun completes its City Walls. Urumqi’ forms the 31st Musketeers.

AD 1690    Maurita completes its City Walls. Dravida opens the 2nd Bank of Persia.

               Embassy at Isandhlwana reports the Zulu’s have completed their Darn Voyage of

               Discovery,  * learning Industrialization and Sanitation, and have begun

               considering granting Women’s Suffrage.

AD 1700   Hsiung Yu completes their City Walls.

              In what will be later regarded as the best-timed diplomatic exchange yet, Shakala is

              hailed. She offers knowledge of the Railroad in exchange for Gunpowder,

              and it is accepted, but the Persian emissary chooses Industrialization

              instead. Shakala then offers to exchange Railroad for Explosives, and the

              offer is taken without alteration. An offer to trade the Steam Engine

              knowledge for Democracy is offered but refused.

              The next day the Embassy in Big Mound reports the Sioux have learned Gunpowder.

              Livy’s epic of the Wealthiest Civilizations: 1) Sioux Nation 2) Zulu Nation 3) Persia

             4) Spain 6) England 7) Viking Nation *

                Embassy at Veii reports the Spanish have learned Gunpowder, and that they have

             completed the Marco Polo Embassy at Veii. * Another Spanish city has

             changed their energies from that project to the Oracle.

             Embassy at Hladir reports the Vikings have abandoned their wondrous project.

AD 1710  Shiva Peak opens a Marketplace.

             Arayas, Deccan, and Behistun each open public Libraries.

             Persian scientists successfully create a working Steam Engine.

             Military Advisor Xerxes begins designing a more militarily efficient government.

             Behistun begins constructing a Tower akin to what the Zulus began.

             Embassy in Hladir reports the Vikings have entered the race to sponsor an Oracle,

             even as Spain abandons her efforts.

AD 1730  Chi opens a Marketplace. Sahara Hill forms a new Engineering Team.

AD 1740  Cyrus examines Persia’s financial records, compares them to the savings offered by

             Darius’ pet project, and invests 720 of Persia’s 1827 gold treasury to completing it.

             3rd Crusaders disembark from “Bazel” onto the eastern continent south of the Sioux.

AD 1750  Hong Kong builds an Aqueduct for its increasing population. Chu opens a Library.

             Xerxes presents his thesis on Communism to President Cyrus.

             Persian scientists begin unraveling the mysteries of Metallurgy.

                Adam Smyth’s Trading Company at Susa begins trading. 

            The economic effect is immediate and great*.

            Persian High Council meets. Standard reports are presented. * Taxes (106/15-5-2/6/2)

            Cyrus directs the governor of Behistun to alter the city’s creation of a Grand Tower

            and incorporate it into an omni-national embassy with power 

            and authority to put the Spanish efforts to obsolete shame.

            “Bazel”, traveling south along the coast of the East-Southern continent spots a

            white-shielded warrior. A new people have been found.

            Embassy at Big Mound reports Sitting Bull’s despotism has come to an end.

            3rd Crusaders approached by the white-shielded warrior and hailed in the name of

            Lenin of Russia. They demand gunpowder and when it is refused Russia

            declares war.  * “They are no better than the Sioux,” snorts President Cyrus.

AD 1752  Myanmar opens a public Library.

             Grand ceremony for the unveiling of the Statue of Liberty at Syria. *

             Embassy in Big Mound reports the Sioux have become a Republic.

             Isabella hails and demands knowledge of the Railroad. She becomes icy upon refusal

             “Bazel” rounds the southern tip of the Russian continent.

             Embassy in Hladir reports the Vikings have built a Steam Engine and abandoned

             their efforts at funding an Oracle.

AD 1756  Kara Kum builds an Aqueduct.

             Embassy in London reports the English have built a Steam Engine and begun

             constructing their version of a wondrous Tower.

             Embassy with the Vikings reports they have also begun this project.

             Viking diplomat observed sneaking toward Fort North.

AD 1758   Maurita, Deccan, and Chi form Engineering Teams.

              Aqtau’ opens a public Library.

              Persian scientists develop Metallurgy.

              Xerxes begins drafting a plan for drafting the citizenry.

              3rd Crusaders find the small Russian City of Smolensk.

              Embassy in Big Mound reports the Sioux have learned Physics.

                 Sneak Attack by Vikings!  * Viking Frigate shells and kills the 1st Explorer Corp

             near Kaupang. Catapult unit kills the 2nd Crusaders at Fort Beyers, and

             Charioteers ambush the 5th Crusaders during border patrol.

             Hail Isabella and, with the promises to pay her expenses to the tune of 400 gold, she

             agrees to war against Gunnhild.

             Before the month is up, Spain indeed formally declares war upon the Vikings.

AD 1760  President Cyrus orders the rushed completion of many cities projects in order to free

             production efforts for the military.

            1st Knights and 1st Crusaders move north from positions in Egyr.

            3rd Crusdaers raze Smolensk and prepare to meet “Bazel” and sail east.

            Embassy in Isandhlwana reports the Zulus have become a democracy.

            Spain gains plans for the Steam Engine from the Vikings.

AD 1762  Urumqi’ and Chu’nor complete their City Walls

             Hsiung Yu opens a Marketplace. Myanmar completes its Aqueduct.

             Medestown and Dravida open Libraries. Chu forms an Engineering Team.

             3rd Crusdaers depart Russia for the war at home.

             Suez builds the 1st Persian Ironclad – “Aries”

             1st Knights attack and kill the Viking catapult that had attack Fort Beyers. *

             Hail Elizabeth I and inquire if she’ll also declare war on Gunnhild. She agrees

             with up-front compensation of 300 gold.

             Sioux receive Code of Laws from Russia.

             Lenin and Sitting Bull sign “Killdeer Pact” against Persia. *

AD 1764  Riots in Suez.

AD 1766  Xerxes presents his plan of Conscription to President Cyrus, who implements it

             at once. All Musketeers are upgraded to Riflemen.  Cyrus funds Xerxes’

             efforts to quantify and tighten military methods.

             Vikings gain Gunpowder from Spain.

             Spain completes the Eiffel Tower at Veii. * Vikings resume their efforts for an Oracle.

             Russian Crusaders spotted by Mauritan farmers south of the city.

             Russians chase the farmers and attack the city, where the 29th Rifle kills them.

             Embassy at Isandhlwana reports the Zulus have granted Women’s Suffrage at Zimbabwe. *

AD 1768  Shakala hails and offers to trade Sanitation for Conscription. 

             Cyrus agrees, Susa needs sewers.

             English gain Gunpowder from Vikings in exchange for Medicine.

             Elizabeth I double-crosses Persia and signs the “Hastings Pact” with Gunnhild against Persia. *

             Vikings gain the University system from the English.

AD 1772  Balkh opens a Library. Dravida commissions a diplomat.

             Myanmar forms the 5th Knights.

             “Aries” shells Viking city of Kaupang and destroys their docked Ironclad. That

             leaves the city defenseless, but there are no Persian land troops nearby to take the city. 

             Still, the impression it makes is worth the while. *

             Sioux learn how to Write.

             Vikings again abandon their efforts to fund an Oracle.

             Gunnhild hails and demands we go to war with Spain. She is refused, and refused

             again when she demands we hand her the Railroad. She offers a cease-fire

             which Cyrus refuses. However, the Persian Senate overrides that decision.

             Spain renews their efforts to fund an Oracle.

             Spanish Crusaders take the Viking city of The Udal. *

AD 1774  Xerxes delivers his report and plan of military Leadership to President Cyrus. It is

             at once put into use, all Knights and Crusaders are upgraded to Dragoons.

             Cyrus sets his scientists to the task of finding a power source better than coal.

             Riots in Myanmar. Shiva Peak opens a Library. Suez and Chu commission Diplomats.

             Zulu Republic is overthrown.

AD 1776  Zulus return to Democracy.

                Spanish betrayal!  * Sneak attack by Spanish frigate sinks the famous “Bazel”

                Spanish catapult attacks Medestown, but is killed by 24th Riflemen.

AD 1778  Urumqi’ commission a diplomat. Susa opens Persia’s first Stock Exchange.

             Diplomat in Spain destroys Cordoba’s temple. Vikings gain Polytheism from the English.

             Sioux gain Monotheism from Russia.

             Spain learns Metallurgy and abandons their efforts at an Oracle.

             Zulu scholars at the Great Library learn Metallurgy.

             Spanish frigate shells and kills Persian diplomat southeast of Veii.

AD 1780  Arayas opens the Persian 3rd National Bank.

             Hsiung Yu forms the 6th Dragoons.

             Sioux learn Monarchy from the Russians.

             Spain renews their efforts at an Oracle.

             Isabella and Gunnhild make peace.

AD 1782  Chu’nor commissions a diplomat.  Aqtau’ opens a Marketplace. Riots in Hsiung Yu.

             Persian scientists present their findings on Electricity to President Cyrus.

             “Aries’ is upgraded to a Destroyer.

             Xerxes considers ways to make the Diplomats more efficient.

             Myanmar and Dravida commission Diplomats.

             Persian Diplomat stages a revolt in the Spanish city of Valencia for 705 gold, less

             the 147 plundered afterward. *

             Isabella hails Cyrus. She first demands Railroad, which is denied, then offers a

             cease-fire, which Cyrus refuses. The Senate votes to continue the war.

             106th Dragoons attack and kill a Spanish Musketeer just southeast of Veii, clearing

             the way to the city. *

             101st Dragoons attack but are defeated by the Spanish musketeers manning the

             walls. Judging that there are too many, a new approach is chosen.

             Embassy in Isandhlwana reports the Zulus have learned Economics.

AD 1784  Suez and Susa commission Diplomats.

             Spanish frigate shells and kills Persian Engineers constructing a road to Veii, and the

             106th Dragoons protecting them.

AD 1786  Shiva Peak and Chu commission Diplomats.

             Persian diplomat funds and leads a revolt in Veii by the ancient native Romans

             against the Spanish. 1260 gold of the Persian 1412 treasury is used in the

             effort, but 204 in “compensation” is awarded after the revolt’s success. *

             That revolt also puts the Eiffel Tower under Persian control. *

             Lenin and Shakala make peace.

             Sioux design and build their own Steam Engine.

             Peasant revolt on the outskirts of Hsiung Yu. Three musketeers and a ringleader

             march to the city. 

             Gunnhild and Isabella sign “The Udal Pact”, allying against Persia. *

             Cease-fire with Gunnhild expires, but surprisingly no attack is launched.

             Vikings are given Metallurgy by Spain.

             Isabella hails Cyrus and again demands Railroad. She is again denied but her offer of

             a cease-fire is accepted. Time is needed to regroup in Veii. No terms of peace

             are offered by either side.

AD 1790  Xerxes and the Minister of Science present their report on the techniques of Espionage

             All Diplomats are upgraded at once to Spies and the new division of Military Science is created.

             Gunnhild is hailed. She at once demands Railroad and upon being refused warns that

             she is growing weary of Persian insolence and refuses a cease-fire.

             Zulu Crusaders spied crossing the border at Etsahara.

             Embassy in Hladir reports the Vikings have learned Feudalism and have begun

             constructing a great war academy.

             The Viking Republic is scrapped by Gunnhild.

             “Sneak” attack by Vikings * A Musketeer unit kills Spy 005 southeast of Westness.

             Viking catapult unit attacks Valencia, but is defeated by the 34th Riflemen.

AD 1792  Aqtau’, Balkh, and Dravida commission spies: 010, 011, and 012 respectively.

             Draya opens a Library.

             001 subverts Westness to Persia, but is captured afterward. The 75 gold operation

             nets 12 gold in plunder, along with the city.

             Gunnhild hails * and again demands Railroad and is again denied. She offers a

             cease-fire which President Cyrus refuses, but the Senate approves.

             Diplomats point out we are technically at a cease-fire war with the Zulus. Shakala is

             hailed. She asks for nothing but refuses to sign a peace treaty.

             Arayas builds the Persian 2nd cannons, based on the one captured with Valencia.

             Vikings return to Monarchy.

             Spanish resume their efforts at an Oracle.

AD 1794  Westness completes their City Walls.

             Urumqi’ commission spy 013.

             Medestown forms the 7th Dragoons.

             013 bribes a rebel musketeer for 61 gold to rejoin the national forces, attached to

             Hsiung Yu as the 36th (Rifle upon upgrade). 013 earns code-name “Ram”

             Suez builds 2nd Persian Destroyer, “Taurus”

             England gains Feudalism from Vikings.

             Rebels Musketeer attacks Hsiung Yu and is killed by 11th Riflemen.

             Sioux are given Trade by Russia.

AD 1796  Hong Kong opens the Persian 4th National Bank.

             Kara Kum opens Persia’s first Factory, and begins work on a War Academy.

             Ghature opens the Persian 5th National Bank.

             Persian Economic Drius advisor presents President Cyrus with legislation regarding

             laws for Corporations.

             Embassy at London reports the English have begun constructing a War Academy.

             English gain Monotheism from Sioux in exchange for Banking.

             Sioux gain Philosophy from Russia.

             Shakala and Lenin sign “Moscow Pact” against Persia. *

             Russian Crusaders approach Persian Engineering team near Maurita. Russian

             emissary hails and demands knowledge of Railroad. When refused, the

             Crusaders attack and kill the Persian Engineers.

             Embassy in Isandhlwana reports the Zulu have learned the way of the Corporation

             Spain gains Feudalism from the Vikings in exchange for Monotheism.

AD 1798  Riots in Medestown.

             Cyrus pours Persian funds into completing the United Nations project.  536 of the

             746 gold in the treasury is funneled to it.

             Rebel musketeers attack Hsiung Yu but are killed by the 11th Riflemen.

AD 1800  Hsiung Yu completes its Temple. Syria opens the Persian 6th National Bank.

             First meeting of the United Nations at Behistun.

             25th Riflemen, out of Fort Desert, kill Russian Crusaders.

             President Cyrus decides it’s time for some U.N.-brokered peace.

             Shakla is hailed. She demands Leadership, is denied but agrees to peace.

             Lenin is hailed but refuses to grant an audience.

             Gunnhild is hailed. She demands Railroad, is denied but agrees to peace.

             Isabella is hailed. She demands Railroad, is denied but agrees to peace.

             Sitting Bull is hailed. He demands Railroad, is denied, but agrees to peace.

             Veii disbands the 33rd Riflemen and forms the 8th Dragoons.

             Elizabeth and Gunnhild go to war.

AD 1802  Chu’nor commissions Spy 014.

             Susa completes its Sewer System.

             Elizabeth hails Spy 002 and request we cancel our treaty with Gunnhild. She is

             refused in that and her subsequent demand for Railroad.           

             Hail Lenin. He demands Railroad, is denied, but agrees to peace.

AD 1804  Persian scientists develop Atomic Theory. President Cyrus puts them developing

             ways to exploit electricity more efficiently.

             Viking monarchy overthrown.

AD 1806  Maurita builds a Harbor. Deccan builds an Aqueduct.

             English catapult unit razes the Viking city Jarrow, * and gains Metallurgy from the ruins.

             Vikings become a Republic.

AD 1808  Darya commissions Spy 015. Behistun adds a Temple to its Holy Square.

             Susa forms an Engineering Team to develop the city radii.

             Suez forms the 36th Riflemen. Aqtaui’ forms 9th Dragoons.

             Spy 013, Ram, subverts the Viking frontier town Jorvik for 400 gold (200 x 2)

             and takes 37 gold for the Persian treasury.

             Gunnhild hails, calling Persia, “treacherous,” requests Persia cancel its treaty with

             England. That and her subsequent demand for Railroad are refused.

             Embassy in Big Mound reports the Sioux have learned Democracy.

             Russian monarchy is overthrown.

AD 1810  England announces they have constructed the world’s greatest War Academy at Canterbury.

             Russia becomes a Republic.

             Russia gains Astronomy from the Sioux in exchange for Industrialization.

             Embassy with Zulus report they have learned the Refining of oil, and have

             begun work at funding an Oracle.

             Vikings rejoin the race to the Oracle.

             Embassy with Spain reports they have learned the University system.

AD 1812  Persian scientists present the development of practical Electronics.

             President Cyrus orders the construction of a gigantic turbine dam at the Karan Sea.

             Spy 010 stages a revolt in the Viking city Lindholm, but is captured afterward by

             fleeing loyalists. The 536 gold operation (263×2) nets the city and 61 gold. *

             English learn how to make a Railroad.

             Russia gains Democracy from the Sioux.

             Bede’s Epic of the Most Advanced Civilizations: 1) Persia 2) Zulu Nation

             3) England 4) Spain 5) Viking Nation 6) Sioux Nation 7) Russia 

             Russia gains Metallurgy from the Sioux.

             Zulu Engineers cross the border south of Etsahara.

             Gunnhild hails Spy 002 and demands Railroad, but is denied.

             Spain gains the Railroad from England in exchange for Chemistry.

AD 1814  Etsahara opens a Marketplace.

             Cyrus hails Shakala and, after denying her demand for Leadership, insists she

             withdraw her troops. Unexpectedly, she does.

AD 1816  Cyrus reviews the world’s alliances: Lenin/Shakala; Gunnhild/Isabella; Sitting Bull/Elizabeth I.

             Each are sent a warning: Leave Persia in peace or suffer a war of conquest.

AD 1818  Sahara Hill Engineering Team founds Arabia on the peninsula southwest of Susa.

AD 1820  Persian division of Military Science develops Steel.

             Engineering Team out of Chi found Auroria on the northeast coast of the Eastern

             Ocean, just east of Hsiung Yu.

             Zulu’s present the world with the Oracle at Bapedi. *

             The Vikings abandon their efforts.

             Zulu engineers cross the border at Etsahara.

             Vikings gain Railroad from Spain.

             Viking cannons cross border at Westness.

AD 1822  Sahara Hill opens a Factory.

             Shakala is hailed. She makes no demands and acquiesces to the Persian demand to

             withdraw her engineering unit.

             Gunnhild is hailed. She demands Industrialization and is refused. When Cyrus

             insists she pull her cannons from near Westness, Gunnhild declares War! *

             Cyrus hails Isabella. After she demands and is refused Industrialization, she

             replies to Cyrus’ query that she will be willing to break her alliance and

             war upon Gunnhild for 3050 in gold.

             35th Riflemen kill a Viking cannon unit outside Westness. *

             Gunnhild activates her alliance with Isabella; Spain declares war on Persia. *

             “The Ram” destroys Hladir coliseum. 

             Taurus sinks a Spanish ironclad and frigate southeast of Rome.*

             Ghature launches the 4th Transport – “Drave” . Russians learn Railroad.

             ! The Vikings and Spanish launch no attacks against Persia. !

AD 1824  Westness builds up Barracks. Jorvik forms an Engineering Team.

             Maurita, Suez, and Veii complete Coastal Fortresses.

             Riots in Suez – Taurus is out to sea. Hong Kong opens a Library.

             At Suez shipyards, Aries begins a re-fit operation.

             The Ram sabotages Spanish crusader unit northwest of Westness.

             Sioux learn Feudalism. Zulu engineers cross border at Etsahara.

             Spanish crusaders attack 8th Dragoons at Fort S-1, west of Veii. Though

             victorious, the 8th Dragoons are sorely wounded.          

AD1826   Deccan forms an Engineering Team. Shakala is hailed but refuses to grant an audience.

             Spy 003 sabotages Spanish cannon southwest of Fort S-1.

             7th Dragoons kill Viking cannon unit west of Westness.

             36th Riflemen kill sabotaged Spanish crusaders west of Lindholm.

             002 destroys Aarhus’ coliseum, and earns the code name “Red Bull”

             004 destroys The Udal’s coliseum, but is captured afterward.

             Russia gains Feudalism from the Sioux in exchange for Railroad.

             Zulus learn Electricity. Two more engineering units cross the border with Perisa.

             Spanish cannons attack Fort S-1 and kill the 8th Dragoons.

AD 1828  Perisan agri-scientists develop Refrigeration.

             Minister Xerxes begins writing a teaching aid for the military.

             Shakala again refuses the Persian emissary an audience. The Ram destroys Roskilde’s Temple.

             England learns Industrialization from the Sioux in exchange for Magnetism.

             Sioux gain Metallurgy from the Russian in exchange for Magnetism.

             Vikings learn Democracy, then at once give it to the Spanish.

AD 1830  Chu opens the Persian 7th National Bank.

             Sahara Hill forms the Persian 3rd Cannons.

             Aries refitting is completed. P.N.S. Aries is Persia’s 1st Cruiser.

             P.N.S. Aries attacks and sinks a Spanish Ironclad. Taurus begins its refitting.

             6th Dragoons take a Viking Fort (Fort V-1) southeast of Hladir.

             Shakala hails and demands Leadership, but is refused.

             Zulu engineers observed returning across the border out of Persia.

             The Ram is killed by a Viking crusader unit west of Linholm.

AD 1832  Lindholm completes their City Walls. Riots in Medestown.

             Myanmar opens a Factory.

             2nd Cannons kill Spanish cannons west of Veii. *

             Red Bull destroys The Udal’s Temple, but is captured afterward.

             003 destroys the all-but-complete cannon production in Hladir. 003 earns the

             code-name, “The Twin”.

             England gains Democracy from Spain in exchange for Industrialization.

             Viking crusaders attack Fort V-1 and are killed by 6th Dragoons. *

AD 1834  Arayas opens a Factory. Riots in Suez protesting P.N.S. Aries at sea.

             103rd Dragoons kill Viking cannons north of Valencia.

             Spanish crusaders attack Valencia and are killed by the 34th Riflemen.

AD 1836  Minister Xerxes publishes “Military Tactics“. All Dragoons are upgraded to Cavalry

             Chi opens a Factory. Factory manager begins project to copy the Zulu’s Refining.

             The Twin subverts Rosklide at a cost of 507 gold. The spy is captured, but not

             before absconding with 62 gold as plunder for the Persian treasury. *

             5th Cavalry kills Spanish Crusaders west of Veii.

             Gunnhild hails and demands Industrialization. She is denied, but offers a cease-

             fire. President Cyrus refuses, but is overridden by the Senate. Then he is

             again overridden after refusing her offer of peace.

             Barbarian swarm north of Jorvick: 4 musketeers, 3 cannons, and a ringleader.

             Chu Engineering Team founds Seoul on the eastern seacoast.

             P.N.S. Aries sinks a Spanish frigate southwest of Rome.

             U.N. reports the Zulus have learned Combustion.

             Spanish ironclad ship attacks Veii and is sunk attempting to overcome the coastal fortress.

AD 1838  Dravida opens Persia’s second Stock Exchange.

             Susa opens a Factory. Pollution potential becomes a serious concern.

             015 destroys the restored Temple in The Udal and is code-named: The Crab.

             2nd Cannons kill Spanish crusaders and cannons west of Veii.

             Zulus gain Feudalism from the Vikings in exchange for Industrialization.

             Shakala and Gunnhild sign a peace Treaty.

AD 1840   Maurita launches P.N.S. Gemini, Persia’s 2nd Cruiser.

              7th Cavalry kills two Spanish cannon units west of Veii. *

              U.N. reports the Sioux have learned Communism.

              Barbarians move on toward Roskilde.

              Spanish ironclad sails about Veii but does not attack.

AD 1842   Ghature commissions Spy 016. Behistun opens a factory.

              Myanmar forms the 10th Cavalry. Chu’nor forms the 4th Cannons.

              Arayas forms the 11th Cavalry.

              2nd Cannons kill Spanish cannons west of Veii.

              10th Cavalry embarks on “Drave” on a mission to explore the Southeast Seas.

              Offensive on Rome! 016 examines city: Three musketeers behind City Walls.

              P.N.S. Aries shells Rome and kills a musketeer unit.

              P.N.S. Gemini shells and also kills a musketeer unit.

              P.N.S. Aries shells again and kills the third.

              7th Cavalry disembarks from “Alteer” and takes Rome! 285 gold plunder. *

              016 moves north to Seville. En route, Isabella hails.

              Isabella demands Conscription but is refused. She then offers a cease-fire

              which President Cyrus refuses. The senate does not override him. *

              016 destroys the Temple in Seville. For this and action in Rome, 016 is code-named, “Lion”.

              Russia gains Conscription from the Zulus, then gain Communism from the Sioux

              in exchange for Conscription.

              Zulus gain Communism from Russia in exchange for Combustion.

AD 1844   Persian manufacturers successfully learn Refining. Work begins designing tools

              to take best advantage of this new fuel. Chi commissions Spy 017.

              Lion destroys Cordoba’s Temple.

              P.N.S. Aries sinks a Spanish transport, with a unit, northeast of Rome.

              38th and 40th Riflemen each kill a barbarian musketeer unit outside Rosklide.

              Susa forms Persia’s 1st Alpine unit.

              Sioux gain combustion from Russia.

              U.N. reports Spain has learned Chivalry.

AD 1846   Roskilde completes its City Walls. Sahara Hill opens a Marketplace.

                 At the opening ceremony, President Cyrus throws the switch to begins operations

             at the Hovora Dam at Kara Kum. *

             Spy 017 subverts Spain’s Cordoba but is captured afterwards. Even so, the 709

             gold operation nets the city and 219 gold in plunder. *

             Isabella hails Cyrus. She again demands Conscription and is again refused. She

             offers a cease-fire that Cyrus refuses but the Persian Senate accepts. Her

             peace offer is refused by Cyrus, and the Senate doesn’t vote on the matter.

             11th Cannon kills barbarian cannons east of Roskilde.

             10th Cavalry finds an island city named Sumatra, with a Temple and Library, and

             beguiles its leaders into joining Persia as a “protectorate”.

             Peasants revolt north of Jorvick: four musketeers and a leader.

             U.N. reports the Zulus have learned Electronics.

AD 1848  Myanmar commissions Spy 018.

             9th Cavalry kills barbarian musketeers north of Roskilde.

AD 1850  Urumqi’ opens a Marketplace. Arayas and Behistun complete Aqueducts. Riots in Myanmar.

             Persian industrialists develop Machine Tools. Minister Xerxes has all Cannon

             units upgraded to Artillery. 

             Persian High Council meets. All the usual reports are presented and the picture

             looks quite good. President Cyrus puts forth the idea of a governmental change to Communism

             in order to effectively circumvent the Senate regarding the on again/ off again war with Spain

             and the Vikings. A war of conquest was promised and the Senate has halted that possibility.

             The High Council is all for the idea. But further debate resolves that the move

             shall be held off until the next incident of resolve testing by Isabella or

             Gunnhild. Until then, it shall be prepared for in the form of Courthouses.

             All Usual reports, plus foreign nation updates presented. * Taxes: 175/82-4-2/6/2

             Crab buys off Barbarian musketeers for 61 gold, southeast of Roskilde. They are

             brought into the city and bisdanded to help in building the Bank.

             Russia learns Medicine.

AD 1851  Jorvick and Valencia complete their City Walls. Maurita opens a Marketplace.

             Aqtau’ opens a Courthouse, Medestown a Factory, and Syria a Stock Exchange.

             012 is hailed by the English but hastily refuses an audience. The Senate passes a

             resolution supporting continued action against Elizabeth, but Cyrus fumes.

             He recalls 012 for garrison duty in Suez. *

             Lindholm forms the 2nd Alpine.

             Crab bribes a barbarian cannon into service as the 6th Cannon (Artillery upon later upgrade)

             10th Cavalry mineral deposits on the Big Island worth 200 gold.

             Barbarian musketeers kill Jorvik’s Engineering Team just outside the city.

             Barbarian dragoons capture the Russian city Tblisi. *

AD 1852  Chi forms the 12th Cavalry. Susa opens Persia’s first Supermarket.

             Chu builds an Aqueduct. Sahara Hill forms the 3rd Alpine, Auroria the 43rd Rifle.

AD 1853  Myanmar forms an Engineering Team, and riots.

             Kara Kum form the 7th Artillery, Behistun the 4th Alpine. Sioux learn Electricity.

             44th Rifle kills two attacking barbarian musketeers at Jorvik. *

             Zulus learn Chivalry. Zulu Crusaders cross border at Etsahara. Vikings learn Chivalry.

AD 1854  Persian scientists demonstrate a Combustion engine before the Persian Congress.

             Susa forms an Engineering Team.

             Hail Shakala. She demands Tactics with threat, * but pull her troops upon the

             insistence of President Cyrus. Arabia forms the 45th Rifle.

             44th Rifle agains holds at Jorvik against Barbarian musketeers.

             Russian gains Chemistry from the Zulus, then gains Electricity from the Sioux for

             it. The Sioux then gain Medicine from Russia.

AD 1855  Rome completes their City Walls. Suex finishes the refit on Taurus, launching it

             as Persia’s 3rd Cruiser.

             10th Cavalry finds an advanced village on the southeast portion of the Big Island,

             with a Granary, Temple, and a Marketplace for its 20,000 people. Taydr,

             “Dawn Rock” in Persian, joins the Persian Democracy. England learns Economics.

             England gains Conscription from the Sioux in exchange for Economics.

             44th holds against last Barbarian musketeers at Jorvik.

             New Spanish Ironclad spotted in Western Sea.

             Viking settler crosses border at Lindholm.

AD 1856   Chu’nor opens a Marketplace. Etsahara and Medestown open Courthouses.

              Riots in Cordoba. Susa opens a Police Station, Veii opens a Factory, and Dravida

              builds an Aqueduct. Cyrus hails Gunnhild. She demands Conscription but is refused. 

              When asked to pull her settler from Persian Territory, she complies.

              Zulu Destroyer spotted in the Sumatran Sea.

              Shakala hails and demands Tactics, but is again refused.

AD 1857   Cordoba, Kara Kum, and Behistun open Courthouses. Arayas opens a University.

                  Persian division of Military Science demonstrates the Flight of a heavier than air

              vehicle at the fields north of Kara Kum.

              Chi builds the Persian 4th Cruiser, “Cancer”, and sends it to patrol to South Seas.

              Viking settlers again cross border near Lindholm.

AD 1858   Sahara Hill opens a Courthouse.

              Gunnhild is hailed. She again demands Conscription, is again refused, and pulls

              her trespassing troop upon Persian insistence.

              English gain Chivalry from the Vikings in exchange for Conscription.

              Peasant revolt south of Ghature: 3 musketeers, 2 cannons, and a ringleader.

              U.N. reports the Zulus have learned Genetic Engineering and have begun the

              quest to find a Cure for Cancer.

              Gunnhild hails and demands Tactics with a threat, but is nonetheless refused.