Part 3 of Chronicle of Cyrus Eterna, leader of all Persia

Chronicle of Cyrus Eterna, leader of all Persia

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Page 3:

AD 1859     Lindholm opens a Courthouse and Susa a Coliseum. Kara Kum forms an Engineering Team.

                Viking settler again crosses border at Lindholm. Gunnhild is hailed, her demand

                for Tactics refused and her troop pulled upon asking.

                Russia gains Economics from the Sioux. Spain gains Conscription from the Vikings.

AD 1860     Riots in Darya. Myanmar opens a Courthouse. Jorvik forms the 5th Alpine.

                Behistun forms the Persian 1st Air unit. Urumqi forms the 6th Alpine.

AD 1861     Chi forms an Engineering Team.

                Persian division of Military Science solves the space problem on Air and modern

                naval units with a process of Miniaturization. Xerxes puts them to the

                task of applying that to land units.

                Engineers from Susa build Ura Susa on the north coast of the Big Island.

                10th Cavalry find mineral deposits worth 110 gold on the Big Island. 

                Sioux learn Fundamentalism.

                Another peasant revolt, this time east of Chu: 3 musketeers, 3 cannons, and leader

AD 1862     Veii opens a Courthouse. Seoul forms the 46th Rifle.

                    20th Rifle kills attacking barbarian musketeers at Ghature, the first wave.

                Russia gains Chivalry from Zulus. The Viking Republic is overthrown.

                Viking sneak attack! * Viking cavalry kills spy 008 west of Hladir.

                President Cyrus sends Gunnhild a notice of eradication.

AD 1863     Roskilde opens the Persian 8th National Bank. Medestown builds an Aqueduct.

                Hong Kong opens a Stock Exchange. Rome opens a Courthouse.

                President Cyrus initiates the move to a war-time, Communist government, and

                address the people via entertainers in order to minimize rioting. Taxes: 191/119-4-2/6/2

                7th Artillery attacks Hladir, wounds a Musketeers but dies.

                4th Cavalry finished off that Musketeer and takes Hladir! 164 gold is plundered. *

                Gunnhild hails, demands Tactics. She is refused that and a request for a cease-fire.

                005 subverts Aarhus, spending 1280 of Persia’s 1554 gold, gaining the city, 152

                in plunder, and the code-name “Virgin.” * Crab destroys Kaupang’s coliseum.

                Sahara Hill forms the 2nd Air.

                1st Cavalry, coming off an incredibly long duty at Fort Beyers, two rebel

                musketeers and a ringleader south of Chi.  Sioux frigate spotted in Korean Sea.

                Sioux gain Chivalry from Russia in exchange for Fundamentalism.

                20th Rifle holds against rebel musketeers and cannon at Ghature. Zulus learn Leadership.

                Vikings return to Monarchy. Viking knights kill 006 east of Hladir.

                Isabella hails and demands Tactics with a threat. Denied, she still offers a peace

                treaty. Given the opportunity, at least for the present, to focus on only one war, 

                Cyrus accepts.

AD 1864     Persian war-time, Communist government in place without riots.

                Initial taxes 101/119-7-2/6/2. Settled taxes: 172/131-6-3/5/2

                Census bureau reports the Persian population at 11,090,000 *

                Dravida forms the 7th Alpine.  Virgin destroys Uppsala’s Cathedral. 

                1st Cavalry kills rebel cannon unit south of Chi. Sioux Republic is overthrown.

                Russian Ironclad spotted along Egyr coast at Muarita. *

                21st Rifle fends off rebel musketeers at Ghature. Viking kinghts kill spy 014.

AD 1865     Arayas opens a Stock Exchange. Lindholm forms the 3rd Air, Susa the 8th Artillery.

                Virgin destroys Uppsala’s Temple. Crusaders V-1 kill Viking crusaders east of Uppsala.

                Hail Elizabeth, one of her settlers is deep across the Persian border.

                She demands Tactics, is refused, but pulls her troop.

                25th Rifle kills rebel cannon unit north of Myanmar.

                10th Cavalry finds mineral deposits worth 100 gold on the Big Island.

                Troop movement: Cavalry and Artillery to Fort south of Uppsala.

                Cult of the Bison god takes Fundamentalist power in the Sioux government.

                15th Rifle at Chi and 20th at Ghature hold versus rebel musketeers. 

                32nd Rifle at Shiva Peak holds versus rebel musketeer and cannon units.

AD 1866     Chu’nor opens a Courthouse. Behistun opens the Perisan 9th National Bank.

                Veii forms the 8th Alpine.

                Division of Military Science demonstrates the first self propelled Automobile,

                along with schematics for naval applications.

                Cyrus orders the technology implemented in mass at once.

                Crab subverts the Viking city Uppsala using 524 of Persia’s 665 gold.  *166 gold

                is plundered, and Uppsala’s Knight, Musketeer and Cannon units are all

                disbanded to immediately form the 9th Artillery. Taydir forms the 48th Rifle.

                Gunnhild hails and again demands Tactics. That and her offer of cease-fire are refused.

                Virgin destroys Kaupang’s Cathedral.

                Shakala announces the Zulus have developed the Cure for Cancer at Zimbabwe.*

AD 1867     Maurita and Syria open Courthouses. Hsiung Yu opens a Factory.

                Arayas commissions Spy 019. Myanmar forms the 10th Artillery. Sumatra forms the 49th Rifle.

                Virgin investigates Kaupang: 1 musketeer fortified behind Walls.

                Crusader V-1 attack and wound the Kaupang musketeers, but die.

                9th Artillery kills the Kaupang musketeer.7th Cavalry takes Kaupang and plunders 164 gold. *

                Gunnhild hails and we suffer an exact repeat of the last diplomatic exchange.

                Virgin sabotages a Viking cannon unit north of Uppsala.

                6th Cavalry finishes that cannon unit off.

                35th Rifle holds against rebel musketeers at Hsiang Yu.

                20th Rifle holds against rebel musketeers at Ghature.

                Russia learns Leadership from the Zulus in exchange for Fundamentalism.

                Viking Monarchy is overthrown.

AD 1868     Kara Kum opens the Persian 10th National Bank. Deccan completes its City Walls

                P.N.S. Aries shells Trondhiem, killing the unit of musketeers that is the city’s

                only guardian. The 12th Cavalry races, but cannot reach the city to take it.*

                Virgin sabotages Trondhiem’s all but complete Ironclad production.

                Crab locates last unaccounted-for Viking city, Skara, in the Great North Forest.

                Hladir forms the 50th Rifle.

                Bede’s Epic of the Happiest Civlizations: 1) Persia 2) Zulu Nation 

                3) Sioux Nation 4) England 5) Spain 6) Russia 7) Viking Nation *

                Zulus learn Theology. Zulu Destroyer and Submarine noticed near Sumatra.

                Russian Ironclad spotted in Spanish Sea, destroyer near Maurita. Vikings become a Republic.

AD 1869     Chi opens a Library, Suez a Courthouse, Shiva Peak and Balkh factories.

                12th Cavalry rides into Trondhiem,*  plundering 165 gold and the Great Pyramids * 

                    Isabella hails * and again repeats the now standard diplomatic exchange.

                Virgin destroys the Cathedral in the Viking city of Hastings. Behistun forms the 13th Cavalry.

                The Russian Republic is overthrown by the Cult of the Bear.

AD 1870     Etsahara builds Persia’s 1st Submarine. Rome forms the 14th Cavalry.

                Crab subverts Skara for 128 of Persia’s 759 gold.* 41 gold is plundered and the

                Vikings are reduced to a single city.

                Gunnhild hails Cyrus for the last time to demand tactics and offer a cease-fire. As

                before, she is twice denied. Hong Kong forms the 8th Alpine.

                10th Cavalry finds minerals worth 100 gold in the Big Island.

                Peasant revolt in the mountains east of Shiva Peak: 2 musketeers and a leader.

                Bear Fundamentalists secure power in Russia.

                Russian and Sioux navies hold worrisome maneuvers near Maurita. *

                Spain learns Leadership.

AD 1871     Cordoba opens a Marketplace, Aarhus a Courthouse. Balkh commissions Spy 020          

                Persian Industrialists present methods of Mass Production.

                Kara Kum forms the 4th Air. Chu’nor forms the 10th Alpine.

                New Wars: Elizabeth and Sitting Bull cancel their peace treaty and declare war.

                Lenin and Shakala declare mutual war.

AD 1872     Jorvik opens a Marketplace, Myanmar a Supermarket. Aqatu opens a Factory.

                Roskilde builds an Aqueduct. Uppsala forms an Engineering Team.

                Virgin investigates Hastings, the last Viking city. For 480 of Persia’s 987

                treasury, Virgin can end the war by subverting the war weary Vikings and descendents of

                the original English settlers.  Cyrus gives his approval and the deed it done. 

                136 gold is plundered and that day sees the end of the independent Viking civilization. *

                Viking Civilization destroyed by Persia. *Gunnhild is brought to Susa in chains.

                Elizabeth * hails and demands Tactics. She is refused.

                Dravida forms the 15th Cavalry. Russian Destroyer sinks Spanish frigate at Gilbrater.

                Zulus learn how to fashion Steel. 

                Shakala hails and offers to trade knowledge of Genetic Engineering for Tactics.

                Her offer is declined and she then requests Cyrus break the Persian treaty

                with Lenin. When this is refused she futilely demands Tactics again.

AD 1873     Hsiung Yu opens a Library.  Cyrus cuts the ribbon at Persia’s first Superhighways at Susa.

                Hail Isabella in order to refresh intelligence, which does not mention the Spanish

                war against Russia. Isabella immediately demands Tactics. Cyrus refuses

                and is so indignant about it, he takes advantage of Persia’s still –

                Communist government to demand a tribute from Spain. Isabella pulls her 

                troops and says goodbye. Sioux submarine spotted near Sumatra.

                27th Rifle holds at Shiva against rebel musketeer, ditto the 20th at Myanmar.

AD 1874     Aurirua completes their City Walls. Medestown begins operating Persia’s first

                Off-Shore Platform in the Medes Sea. Veii opens the Persian 11th National Bank.

                Behistun begins operating a Sewer System. 

                7th Alpine captures rebel leader east of Shiva Peak.

                P.N.S. Aries sails south through a recent battle-zone. *Sioux develop the Corporation.

                Sioux destroyer sinks Spanish frigate. Another Sioux destroyer sinks a Spanish Ironclad.

                Sitting Bull hails Cyrus and offers to trade knowledge of Fundamentalism for

                Tactics. Upon refusal, he demands Tactics, only to be refused again.

                Spanish Ironclad sinks one of the above Sioux destroyers.

A 1875       Arayas opens its Superhighways to traffic.

                Cyrus hails Isabella but is refused an audience.

                More massing of English troops along the Persian/English border at Hastings. *

                Renewed peasant revolt east of Skara: two musketeers and a leader.

                Russia develops the Corporation. Spanish Diplomat spied en route to Hastings.

AD 1876     Shiva Peak opens a Marketplace, Hladir builds an Aqueduct.

                Hastings and Chu open Factories.

                Census Bureau reports Persia’s population at 15,040,000 *

                Persian scientists demonstrate the Computing And Data Processing Electronic

                Device (CADPED-1) at the Issa Newbur college in Susa. Cyrus at once

                diverts the capitol’s Capitalization to a nation-wide computer system.

                Xerxes presents his report on the Lessons and Ideas from the Viking Death-War.

                Isabella is hailed and she again refuses and audience.

                Spanish diplomat, just southeast of Hastings, is expelled from Persia.

                English settler crosses the border northeast of Hastings.

                Zulus learn Tactics. The Zulu Democracy is overthrown.

                Spanish diplomats sneaks into Rome and steals Theology. * Cyrus declares war. *

AD 1877     Jorvik forms a new Engineering Team. Kaupang completes their City Walls.

                Crab destroys The Udal’s Temple, but is captured!

                3rd Air destroys a Spanish dragoon west of The Udal.

                Virgin sabotages the all-but-complete Ironclad production in Seville.

                England learns Sanitation.

                The Cult of the Leopard god takes Fundamentalist power in the Zulu nation.

AD 1878     Westness and Valencia open Courthouses. Arayas opens a Supermarket.

                Riots in Hladir. Chu forms an Engineering Team. Rome completes a Coastal Fortress.

                Spy 019 uses old Viking descendants and 464 gold to subvert The Udal from

                Spain, plundering 366 gold for the Persian treasury afterward.

                Isabella  * hails and, under threat, demands Tactics. She is refused but offers a

                cease-fire anyway, and is refused again.

                Virgin investigates Seville (3 Riflemen and Caravan) and Barcelona (3 Rifle).

                The order is given: Attack Seville!

                3rd Cannon wounds Rifle #1 but dies. 9th Cannon kills Rifle #1. 3rd Cannon

                 wounds Rifle #2 but dies. 5th Cavalry kills Rifle #2. 11th Cavalry kill Rifle

                 #3. P.N.S. Taurus shells and kill the caravan, 5th Cavalry takes Seville. *

                217 gold is plundered.

                Isabella hails and the emissaries repeat the last diplomatic exchange verbatim.

                Virgin destroys all-but-complete dragoon production in Barcelona.

                1st Air kills Spanish cannon northwest of Seville.

                4th Air kills Spanish settler building a Railroad west of Seville.Trondheim forms the 53rd Rifle.

                Sitting Bull and Shakala begin a Holy War against each other. Bison vs. Leopard

                54th Rifle holds against rebel musketeer attack at Skara. Sioux gain Leadership from Russia.

AD 1879     Aqtau’ and Syria build Aqueducts.

                Sioux Ironclad spotted off west Egyr coast. * Hastings forms the 11th Alpine.

                English settlers found blocking railroad southeast of Uppsala. Elizabeth is hailed.

                She demands, and is refused, Tactics, but pulls those settlers when asked.

                019 bribes a Barbarian chieftain outside Madrid with 93 gold. He becomes a Diplomat.

                Elizabeth hails. She requests Persia go to war against the Sioux and offers 500

                gold to cover expenses. Cyrus declines. Persia has a war, thank you.

                Sioux battlefleet west of Egyr: 3 destroyers and 1 ironclad. *

AD 1880     Lindholm opens a Factory. Sahara Hill opens a Library. Balkh builds an Aqueduct. 

                Riots in Uppsala.

                Cyrus ceremoniously throws the switch giving power the S.E.T.I. Program at Susa‘s  *

                central computer. His eyes go to the stars.

                019 investigates Madrid (3 Rifle) and Salamanca (1 Rifle). The order comes

                down, attack Salamanca, ready for Madrid.

                8th Artillery wounds Rifle #1 but dies. 7th Cavalry kills Rifle #1. 8th Cavalry takes

                    Salamanca and plunders 490 gold for Persia. *

                    Isabella hails and refused a demand for Tactics and offer of a cease-fire.

                Behistun forms the 11th Artillery. Chi builds the 1st Persian Battleship: “P.N.S. China II”

                Another Sioux destroyer joins the battle fleet east of Egyr.

                Another peasant revolt northwest of Skara: 3 musketeers and a leader.

AD 1881     Kara Kum opens a Stock Exchange.

                    Persian division of Military Science demonstrates its application of Xerxes’s last

                report: prototype armored and armed automobiles for Mobile Warfare.

                Cyrus is impressed, but with the Sioux fleet in sight of Maurita, puts the Division

                to the task of applying similar ideas to sea war.

                The attack on Madrid commences. Virgin confirms 3 Riflemen defenders.

                4th Artillery kills Rifle #1. 4th Cavalry kills Rifle #2 (barely)

                11th Cavalry wounds Rifle #3 but dies. 1st Air kills Rifle #3. *

                8th Alpine take Madrid. 498 gold is plundered and the Spanish Theatre is Persia’s. * *

                Isabella * hails and arrogantly demands Mobile Warfare. Cyrus refuses, her

                current citizenry will be working with that knowledge soon enough. 

                Isabella offers a cease-fire, which is soundly refused.

                Virgin infiltrates Barcelona and outright subverts it for 597 Persian gold.361gold

                is immediately returned as plunder. *

                Spanish civilization destroyed by Persia. *Isabella is brought to Susa in chains.

                Sioux settler spotted wandering south of Maurita. *

                Cyrus sees three of the four other powers * in the world locked in religious

                conflict. With this in mind he hails Elizabeth. England may be the only non-threatening trade

                partner and is far behind even the Sioux in technology. Wouldn’t do to have them conquered.

                Elizabeth requests Mobile Warfare. It is denied but Cyrus gives her Tactics.

                Sioux cannon takes Umfolzi from the Zulus. * and the Sioux gain Tactics.

                54th Rifle holds against rebel musketeer attack at Skara

AD 1882     Ura Susa completes its Coastal Fortress. Taydr completes its City Walls.

                Darya opens a Factory.  Veii builds the 2nd Battleship – “Sumer”

                English knights and crusaders cross border of newly named Persian satrap of

                Espvi. So much for friendship. * More Sioux ships sailing toward Egyr.

AD 1883     Lindholm builds an Aqueduct.

                Elizabeth is hailed. She demands Mobile Warfare but is refused. When Cyrus

                insists she pull her troops she does.

                P.N.S. Taurus locates a Sioux city in Egyr, Seven Brothers, quite south of Maurita

                012 infiltrates 7 Brothers and subverts it for 98 x 2 gold, plundering 36 and

                gaining Fundamentalism, but also getting captured. *

                Seville forms the 57th Rifle. Chu forms the Persian 1st Armored unit.

                P.N.S. China II investigates Siouxland west coast and locates Running Bear.

                With the two Death-Wars over, Cyrus initiates Persia’s return to Democracy.

                Taxes: 237/233-4-3/6/1. Sioux fleet gets closer to Egyr west coast. *

                Shakala and Elizabeth declare war.

                54th withstands another rebel musketeer attack at Skara.

AD 1884     Riots in 44 Persian cities.

                Skara completes their City Walls. Ulumqi’ opens a public Library.

                Democracy is reestablished in Persia. Measures are taken to quell remaining riot hot spots.

                P.N.S. China II locates the Sioux city Raging Brook north of Running Bear.

                Sioux fanatics kill Zulu cavalry southeast of Umfolzi.

                Sioux land 2 Riflemen and a settler north of Maurita. Spies are assigned to follow

                and harass and/or bribe as needed.

                Loss of Umfolzi prompts Zulus to remove Leopard Cult fundamentalists from the government.

                54th holds Skara against another rebel musketeer attack.

AD 1885     7 Brothers forms an Engineering Team and disbands. Engineers sent north.

                Persian hardline-Communists cause riots in Seoul and 26 other Persian cities,

                causing the government to collapse. Cyrus takes further counter-measures.

                Sitting Bull hails 009 at Umfolzi. He requests Cyrus end the treaty with Shakala,

                then demands Mobile Warfare. Both are denied.

                Sioux cannon dies attacking a Zulu fanatic in a fort.

                Zulus learn Amphibious Warfare and return to Democracy. 

                The Leopard Cult is,however, NOT outlawed.

                Shakala and Sitting Bull make peace. 

                Cyrus worries for Persia and resolves to keep a strong military.

AD 1886     Arabia completes a Harbor. Myanmar opens a University.

                Division of Military Science delivers their presentation on Amphibious Warfare.

                Cyrus next gives them the task of improved communications.

                Order at last restored in all Persian cities. Taxes: 285/236-2-2/6/2

                54th Rifle holds against yet another futile rebel musketeer attack at Skara.

                Foreign navies remaine near Egyr coast *

                Sioux drop off a diplomat south of Maurita who immediately marches to 

                the walls of Sahara Hill. Russia gains Tactics from the Sioux.

AD 1887     Seoul completes their City Walls. Arayas and Susa initiate systems of Mass Transit. 

                Hastings opens a Sewer System. Ghature opens a Factory. Rome completes a Harbor.

                Sioux diplomat expelled.  Kara Kum forms the 2nd Armor.

                Sioux destroyer sinks an English transport south of England.

AD 1888     Persian scientists demonstrate Radio.

                Susa commissions Spy 021. Hladir opens a Marketplace. Riots in Uppsala.

                Russo/Sioux fleets observed closely along Egyr coast. *

                Madrid forms the 58th Rifle. Salamanca the 59th.  Hsiung Yu forms the 3rd Armor.

                Elizabeth hails, requesting Cyrus cancel Persia’s treaty with Shakala and

                demanding Mobile Warfare. She is twice refused.

                Sioux fundamentalist government overthrown.

                Sioux destroyer shells and kills English cannon northwest of Salamanca.

                Shakala hails and offers to trade Genetic Engineering for Mobile Warfare. Cyrus

                stifles a laugh as he refuses. She then requests Persia end its treaty with England, is

                refused, demands Mobile Warfare, and is refused again.

AD 1889     Riots in Seoul. Sahara Hill opens a Police Station. Seville forms the 60th Rifle.

                Kara Kum forms the 3rd Explorer Corp, with the mission to explore Siouxland.

                Sioux adopt a Republic government.

                Zulus learn how to make Automobiles.

AD 1890     Persian Industrialists demonstrate the power and potential of Robotics.

                Aqtau’ opens a University, Etsahara a Supermarket, Arayas a Police Station, 

                and Aarhus a Factory. Sioux learns Sanitation.

                Toynbee’s Epic of Largest Civilizations: 1) Persia 2) Zulu nation 3) Sioux nation

                 4) England 5) Russia *

                Lenin hails and offers to pay Persia 500 gold to war upon Shakala. He is refused.

AD 1891     Roskilde opens a Factory, Darya a Marketplace, and Kaupang a Sewer System.

                Xerxes presents a report on “The Application of Advanced Flight Techniques”

                and organizes a retreat to consider the military in new ways.

                Hong Kong builds the 3rd Persian Battleship: “Egyr”

                Russia gains Sanitation from the Sioux.

AD 1892     Lindholm opens a Library, Aarhus and Rome a Temple each, and Uppsala a

                Sewer System. Salamanca completes a Coastal Fortress, Trondheim an Aqueduct.

                Zulu democracy overthrown by Leopard cultists.

AD 1893     Rioting in Chi. Shiva Peak and Behistun open Universities, Hladir a Temple.

                Xerxes presents his report of “Combined Arms“.  Susa opens Persia’s first Airport.

                Engineers construct Fort Sahara, between Etsahara and Sahara Hill. 4th Alpine

                occupies the fort at once.

                Elizabeth is hailed regarding the English settlers that crossed the border.

                She request, again, that Persia cancel its treaty with Shakala, then she

                demands Mobile Warfare. Both refused and upon insistance, she pulls her settlers. 

                Elizabeth is truly a pest.  Skara forms the 12th Alpine. Jorvik forms the 4th Armor.

                Cult of the Leopard god regains control of the Zulu government.

AD 1894     Roskilde, Uppsala, and Darya open Temples. Sahara Hill builds an Aqueduct.

                Barcelona forms the 5th Armor. 3rd Explorers land in N/NW Siouxland.

                Sioux gain University from England for the Corporation. Elizabeth and Sitting Bull make peace.

                Guerrilla uprising east of Skara: 3 riflemen and a leader. 

                Russia gains University from the Sioux.

                Russian destroyer shells and kills English cavalry north of Salamanca.

AD 1895     Riots in Auroria and Chi.

                Persian scientists demonstrate Rocketry by launching a rocket two miles into the

                atmosphere. Cyrus is awed by the possibilities. So is Xerxes. 

                Susan resources are devoted to exploration of this science. “Project Apollo”

                Suez opens a Factory. Lindholm builds the Persian 1st Howitzer unit. It is sent to

                Skara for testing against guerrillas.  Explorer 3 finds barbarians in old Sioux fort. *

                U.N. reports the Zulus have learned Mobile Warfare.

AD 1896     Seoul and Barcelona open Temples. Hasting and Chu open Stock Exchanges.

                Elizabeth is hailed regarding the most recent border crossing by English settlers.

                Audience is refused. Sioux Republic is overthrown, apparently by Bison Cultists.

AD 1897     Sahara Hill opens a Temple, Veii a Stock Exchange.

                Medestown finishes constructing her Superhighways and is renamed Medes City.

                Xerxes publishes “On Guerrilla Warfare“.

                Cyrus orders a Senate study on solutions for the rising pollution problem.

                Seven Brothers engineers built Egyr Peak on the Carthage Mountains.

                Sitting Bull is hailed. He makes a refused demand for Flight before acquiescing to

                Cyrus’s demand to remove his troops from Persian territory. Westness forms the 6th Armor.

                Crodoba launches Persia’s 4th Battleship, P.N.S. Indus.

                England learns Explosives.

                Sioux learn Steel. Bison Cult returns Sioux nation to Fundamentalism.

                Sitting Bull and Shakala re-declare war upon each other.

AD 1898     Riots in Skara. Aarhus opens a Sewer System, Balkh the 12th National Bank,

                and Madrid a Marketplace.  1st  Howitzer kills kills Guerilla riflemen east of Skara.

                Roskilde makes the 2nd Howitzer. Auroria launches Persia’s 5th Battleship, P.N.S. Iberia.

                English gain Combustion from the Sioux in exchange for Explosives.

                Sioux alpine kills Zulu engineers from Fort west of Tugela.

                Sioux cannon kill more Zulu engineers southwest of Etsahara.

                Zulus mass tanks at Fort northwest of Tugela. One of them kills the above Sioux cannon.

                Zulu fanatics attack above Sioux alpine, in the fort, and die. *

AD 1899     Skara and Hastings open Temples, Maurita a Factory, and Ghature a Coliseum.

                Myanmar Superhighways open to traffic.

                Senate presents President Cyrus with Recycling legislation, which he signs.

                Trade Minister Darius is presented a set of demands by factory workers.

                Census Bureau reports the Persian population at 20,390,000 *

                Sioux riflemen attack Zulu marines west of Tugela and die. *

                Zulu tank kills Sioux settlers north of Umfolzi, then kill the above alpine.

                The way is clear to Umfolzi, but the Zulu do not move in a retake it.

AD 1900     Cyrus announces he will be taking no more city improvement notes.

                Persian High Council meets. Reports on Taxes, Science, Military, Score,

                Demographics, and Top cities presented. * * * * * *Taxes: 330/330-2-2/6/2

                After city micro-management adjustments: 350/330-2-2/6/2

                1st Howitzer kills another guerilla rifleman.

                Shiva Peak forms the 3rd Howitzer unit.

                Leopard cult thrown out of power in the Zulu nation.

                Zulu armor attacks and takes Umfolzi. *

AD 1901     Persian Senate passes Cyrus legislation on the Trade Union.

                1st Howitzer unit kills the last guerilla rifle and their leader.

                English massing of mounted troops north of Salamanca. Elizabeth refuses an audience. *

                3rd Explorer finds Slim Buttes and is hailed by the Sioux. Sitting Bull requests

                Persia cancel its treaty with Shakala, which is refused, then demands knowledge of

                Advanced Flight, which is also refused.

                Russian Bear cult converts the Zulu city of Ibabango * and take Mobile Warfare.

                Zulu Republicans gain control of the government.

AD 1902     Persian scientists launch Astro-1, the world’s first artificial satellite. Cyrus and

                the ministers and the Senate are awed. Cyrus determines the Persian banner will be placed

                on the moon. Minister of the Populace begins a movement to protect what has just become

                a smaller world. English mounted units still massed north of Salamanca, 

                Elizabeth still refuses to grant an audience.

                2nd Air locates Ibabango and notices a Zulu diplomat en route to it.

                Elizabeth and Sitting Bull cancel their peace treaty. Zulus learn Mass Production.

                The “quiet war” between Elizabeth and Shakala ends.

                Zulu diplomat stages counter-revolt in Ibabango.

AD 1903     Scientists and Engineers gather at Susa under the leadership of Dr. Hadrian of

                Rome to begin making Cyrus’s vision a reality.

                Spy 021 lands in Russia and is hailed by Lenin, who makes no demands at all.

                Zulu diplomat spotted at fort just south of Etsahara.

AD 1904     The Environmentalism movement takes hold throughout Persia.

                Hail Elizabeth and get an audience. She curses the Perisa/U.N. connection, then

                offers and Alliance, which is denied. When it is insisted she pull her

                troops, she abandons all pretense of alliance and declares war. *

                1st Air kills two English knights southeast of Coventry, then empties a fort of the

                English crusader and cannon units stationed there.

                3rd Howitzer kill the lone rifleman in Coventry and takes the city. 286 gold is

                plundered. * The 11th Alpine and 52nd are moved in to fortify.

                Elizabeth hails. She requests Persia break the treaty with the Sioux, but is refused.

                She then demands, and is deneid, Advanced Flight. Her offers of a cease-

                fire, then of peace, are accepted.

                Medes City Engineers build Ura Medes on the Big Island.

                Sioux destroyer is sunk shelling fortified Zulu armor unit along west Egyr coast.

                Shakala hails and offers to trade Genetic Engineering for Advanced Flight. She is

                refused and curses the Persia/U.N. connection.

AD 1905     Darya forms the Persian 4th Howitzer.

                Sioux cruiser spotted by P.N.S. China II east of Dawn Island. P.N.S. Egyr sent to

                join P.N.S. China II’s investigation.

                In answer to the Zulu diplomats spotted south of Etsahara, the “Wall of Spies” is formed.

                Sioux land troops in west Egyr. Cavalry attacks Zulu tank and wins, barely.

                Alpine also seen landing. Russian submarine headed south along west Egyr coast.

                Zulus learn the Theory of Gravity.

                Zulu diplomats linger and wander around Etsahara border. *

                Zulu tank kill Soiux alpine and another unit northeast of Ibabango

                Shakala and Sitting Bull make peace. Cyrus worries for Persia. Persia is surely

                next in Shakala’s eyes and Sitting Bull has ever disliked Persia.

                Zulu sneak attack! * Zulu rifleman in Fort south of Etsahara, kill Persian Spy.

AD 1906     Persian scientists split the atom in a demonstration of Nuclear Fission.

                Cyrus orders this applied to practical power uses.

                First military movements against Shakala begin.

                3rd Air, along the border, kills a Zulu diplomat + 1 unit, then a diplomat, then a

                diplomat, a freight, and 2 other units.

                4th Air kills the Zulu riflemen that began this whole war.

                Virgin destroys Tugela’s Temple.

                9th Artillery kill Zulu tank west of Sahara Hill.

                Russo-Su navy examined along Egyr west coast. *

                Valincia forms the 7th Armor.

                Elizabeth is hailed regarding her remaining troops in Espvi. She is receptive but

                when it is insisted she pull her troops she declare war on Persia.

                1st Air kills English knights south of Coventry.

                11th Artillery kills English knight south of Barcelona.

                English Crusaders attack Persian cavalry in Fort northeast of Salamanca and die.

                Sioux learn Amphibious Warfare. Zulu marines attack 4th Alpine at Fort Sahara and die.

AD 1907     3rd Howitzer kills Zulu tank and cannon units south of Fort Etsahara.

                019 investigates Tugela: 2 rifle and 1 alpine. ATTACK.

                1st Armor kills Zulu tank northeast of Tugela. Way is clear to city.

                7th Armor wounds alpine but dies. 4th Howitzer kills rifle #1. 6th Armor kills rifle # 2

                3rd Air kills wounded alpine. 6th Armor takes Tugela. *

                167 gold is plundered. Genetic Engineering taken

                1 Zulu partisan cell takes to the mountains southeast of the city.

                Shakala hails and request the ending of the Russina/Persian treaty. That is refused.

                She then offers a cease-fire. Cyrus refuses but the Senate signs it. The

                same happens with Shakala’s peace offer.

                President Cyrus does not for an instant expect a “permanent” peace.

                Russian tank is killed attacking Zulu fanatics in a fort.

                Russian cannon has better luck, killing Zulu settlers in west Egyr. Zulus learn Flight.

                TWO -2- Zulu espionage attempts in Tugela are foiled by Spy 019 *, 

                now code-named “Scorpion”.

AD 1908     Persian scientists develop engines that safely run on Nuclear Power.

                2nd Air locates Sioux city of Snake Canyon south of Maurita.

                Sitting Bull hails 3rd Explorer Corp and tells it to leave the vicinity of Little

                Bighorn. As if to reinforce this, Sioux alpine approaches Sahara Hill.

                Russia learns Amphibious Warfare.

                Zulu Republic is overthrown. Cyrus: “Here it comes again.”

                Zulu diplomat steals secret of Space Flight from Tugela.*  Cyrus is ready to

                declare war under a justifiable reason, but the OFFER DOES NOT COME UP!!

AD 1909     Shakala is hailed. She is receptive and makes no demands, but when it is insisted

                she pull her troops Shakala declares war. Silently, Cyrus thanks her for saving him the

                trouble of launching sneak attack under Democracy.

                4th Air kills Zulu diplomat northeast of Tugela, then another southwest of the city,

                then a Zulu engineer due south of Tugela.

                11th Artillery kills Zulu diplomat southwest of Fort “S”

                5th Armor at Fort Z-1 kill Zulu partisans just south of the fort.

                Scorpion investigates Intombe, the next target of Persian vengence: 1 each

                fanatic, alpine, and riflemen units behinds City Walls.

                4th Howitzer kills Alpine, 2nd kills Riflemen, 3rd kills fanatic but is sore wounded.

                Wounded 2nd Armor takes Intombe. 330 gold is plundered. *

                Two Zulu partisan cells form: at the Fort northwest and hills southeast.

                Shakala hails. She requests Persia end the treaty with Lenin then demands

                Advanced Flight. Both are refused. She offers a cease-fire which Cyrus

                refuses, but the Persian Senate characteristically accepts. For troop

                trespassing leverage, Cyrus accepts the Peace terms.

                Sitting Bull is hailed. He inexplicably offers a peace treaty when there is no war.

                Nonetheless, it us accepted.

                Chu Engineering team builds Tundra Coast, Persia’s northernmost native city.

                Scorpion checks the other accessible Zulu cities and finds two diplomats units


                Leopard Cult regains control of the Zulu government.

                Persian spy in Intombe thwarts a Zulu espionage attempt, * then a second one.

                Zulus move too many troops to count, but make no attacks.