Part 4 of Chronicle of Cyrus Eterna, leader of all Persia

Chronicle of Cyrus Eterna, leader of all Persia

Submitted by Wes

Page 4:

AD 1910  Launch day of the Apollo Program of Susa.*  The entire nation watches as the

                rocket launches and then again five days later when the Persian banner is placed upon the

                surface of the moon. 

The celebration in Susa includes the debut of the new Persian Laser invention.

                The full world map receives intense scrutiny. *

                Rome luanches Persia’s 6th Battleship, P.N.S. Araya. 

                Myanmar forms the 8th Armor. Arayas forms the 6th Howitzer, Hsiung Yu the 7th,

                And Skara the 8th.

                Zulu troops remain in Fort Z-2, in disputed territory. Cyrus hails Shakala.

                Shakala is receptive until Cyrus orders her troops withdrawn, then the war is back on again.*

                2nd Artillery kills the two Zulu diplomats just south of Intombe.

                Virgin investigates the southern Zulu cities. Despite circumstances tempting a

                Persian go for Zimbabwe or Isandhlwana, the decision is made to secure the north.

                10th Artillery kill Zulu fanatic in Fort Z-3, due south of Intombe.

                4th Artillery kills Zulu fanatic northwest of Fort Z-1.  *

                3rd Air kills 2 Zulu cannon units north of Mpondo.

                 6th Armor kills Zulu cannon northeast of Intombe. *

                4th Armor kills Zulu armor west of Intombe, but is wounded & plays target.

                Aqtau’ Mech. Infantry takes Fort Z-4 southwest of Intombe.

                Cyrus hails Elizabeth. She requests Persia cancel the treaty with the Sioux and

                then demands Advanced Flight. Both are refused, but peace is made. 

                England masters Electricty.

                Russians gain Steel from the Sioux in exchange for Mobile Warfare.

                Zulu fanatics kill the 10th Artillery south of Intombe.

                Zulu tank kills 4th Armor, then dies attacking the Mech. Infantry at Fort Z-4.

                Zulu marines attack and kill the 4th Artillery but are sorely wounded.

                Zulu riflemen attack Fort Z-4 and kill off the wounded Mech. Infantry.

AD 1911     Chu forms the 9th armor.

                The Persian Submarine sinks a Zulu Cruiser northeast of Isandhlwana.

                006 investigates Zulu targets: Ngome: fanatic, alpine, rifle, Coast.Fort., no walls.

                Mpondo: 2 fanatics, alpine, riflemen, City Walls.

                Isandhlwana: 5 rifle, alpine, City Walls.

                Target Ngome.  8th Armor kills Zulu fanatic south of Fort Z-3. 

                4th Air kills wounded Zulu marine in hills west of Ngome. 

                Way is cleared to Ngome. 5th  Howitzer kills rifle #1, 2nd Howitzer kills alpine, 

                P.N.S. Indus shells and kills the fanatic unit. 3rd Howitzer takes Ngome

                219 gold plundered. * 2 Zulu partisans set up in the hills west of the city.

                Shakala hails and requests Persia end its treaty with Lenin. That and her demand

                for Advanced Flight are refused. She offers a cease-fire which Cyrus

                refuses. Amazingly the Senate agrees and the war goes on. *

                7th Howitzer kill Partisans in the mountains west of Ngome that are blocking units

                from reinforcing the city.

                Target Mpondo. 6th Howitzer kills alpine, 8th Howitzer kills fanatic #1, 4th

                Howitzer kills riflemen, 2nd Artillery kills fanatic #2, 8th Howitzer takes Mpondo

                510 gold plundered *, 6 partisans take positions all around the city.

                Shakala hails and makes the usual demands, which are refused. She offers a

                cease-fire, which Cyrus and the Persian Senate refuse.

                11th Artillery kills partisan south of Fort Z-1. 3rd Air kills Zulu marine north of Mpondo.

                Elizabeth hails and offers Persia 500 gold for an alliance against Lenin. Declined.

                Russia gain Explosives from the Sioux.

                Persian people present President Cyrus Eterna with the Ultimate Throne Room.

                Two Zulu cities build spaceship components.  Zulu partisans kill 2nd Artillery.

                Shakala hails and makes usual demands, which are refused. Her cease-fire offer is

                refused by the President and Senate.

                Zulu tank attacks Mpondo and dies. Second Zulu tank attacks Mpondo and kills a

                Persian tank unit.

AD 1912     Persian industrialists develop Plastics

                Virgin sabotages Bapedi’s all but complete tank production.

                Clean-Up: 9th Armor kills Zulu partisans north of Mpondo and take Fort Z-5.

                4th Air kills Zulu tank north of Mpondo, 5th Armor kills Zulu partisans northeast. 

                6th Armor kills Zulu engineers east of Mpondo, 6th Howitzer kills partisans southwest of 

                the city. 4th Howitzer kills Zulu partisan at Fort southeast of Mpondo. 

                2nd Howitzer kills partisans northwest of Ngome, but is wounded.

                Persian Submarine sinks, barely, a Zulu battleship northeast of Isandhlwana.

                Syria launches 7th Persian Battleship, P.N.S. Chula.

                Lenin hails and makes a peace offer, which is readily accepted.

                Sitting Bull hails and makes a redundant peace offer, which is accepted.

                Lindholm forms the 10th Armor. Bison Cult thrown out of power in the Sioux Nation.

                Zulu build another spaceship structure. Zulu learns Radio.

                Zulu battleship sinks the Persian Submarine.

                Zulu fanatics attack the 2nd Howitzer, in the hills, and die.

AD 1913     Shakala hails the Scorpion. She makes the usual demands, which are again

                refused, as is her offer of a cease-fire. 

                Cyrus is proud of the Persian  Senate, he has swayed them to the side of Zulu extermination.

                2nd Air kills Zulu cannon east of Sawzi.

                Scorpion investigates Swazi: Riflemen, Fanatics, Air, City walls. Scorpion

                sabotages the all but complete fanatic production and books it.

                Auroria forms the 9th howitzer.

                Seville launches the 8th Persian Battleship, P.N.S. Ural.

                Sitting Bull hails the 3rd Explorers but makes no demands or offers.

                Lenin hails spy 021, but makes no demands or offers.

                3rd Air kills Zulu cannon in mountains southwest of Ngome.

                Darya Mech. Infantry kill Zulu explorers northeast of Mpondo.

                Virgin checks Isandhlwana: 5 rifle, alpine, city walls.

                Attack Isandhlwana: 5th Howitzer kills Rifle #1, 3rd Howitzer kills Rifle #2, 4th

                Howitzer kills Rifle #3, 8th Howitzer kills Rifle #4, 6th Howitzer kills Alpine, 

                2nd Armor kills Rifle #5 and takes Isandhlwana. 798 gold plundered. 

                1 partisan unit west of the city.

                4th Artillery approaches Umfolzi and Shakala hails. Usual two demands are made

                and refused, and again President and Senate decline a cease-fire.

                4th Artillery attacks Umfolzi, wounds Zulu alpine but dies. 5th Armor kills the Zulu

                alpine but is wounded. 14th Rifle marches in to take Umfolzi

                62 gold plundered, no partisans appear.

                Shakala hails again, with the usual futile demands and a cease-fire offer that the

                Persian government jointly refuses.

                Virgin sabotages the all-but-complete tank production in Bapedi.

                2nd Air kills Zulu cannon, then wounded Zulu riflemen, west of Intombe.

                Sioux learn Machine Tools and become a Republic.

                Russian marines attack Swazi and die by Zulu fanatics.

                Russian diplomat steals Plastics from Ura Medes. Russian tank parked outside the city. *

                Zulu cruiser attacks Isandhlwana and is sunk by Mech. Infantry along coastal fort.

                Zulu cruiser attacks and sinks Russian destroyer south of Swazi.

                Zulu tank is killed assaulting Isandhlwana.

AD 1914     Lenin is hailed. He offers peace again as if it hasn’t been established. It is

                accepted with a sigh from Cyrus. Hladir forms the 10 Howitzer unit, Darya the 11th Armor.

                Seoul Spy destroys Swazi’s Cathedral, but is then captured.

                Virgin examines Hlbane: 4 rifle, alpine and City Walls; Ulundi: 4 rifle;

                Bapedi: 3 rifle, alpine, city walls; and Zimbabwe: 3 rifle, fanatic, Walls.

                The order is delivered: Take Hlobane!

                9th Howitzer kills alpine, 8th Howitzer kills rifle #1, 3rd Howitzer kills

                rifle #2, 4th Howitzer kills rifle #3, 6th Howitzer kills rifle #4 but is wounded, 

                Darya’s Mechanized Infantry takes Hlobane. 680 gold plundered.  *  

                5 partisans take positions around the city.

                Shakala hails and makes no demands. She only offers a cease-fire which is

                rejected by President Cyrus and confirmed by the Senate.

                Scorpion destroys Bapedi’s all-but-complete tank production, but is captured.

                3rd Howitzer kills partisan unit north of Hlobane, but is wounded. 9th Howitzer

                kills partisan unit north of hlobane, but is also wounded. 

                11th Artillery kill another partisan north of Hlobane, and the 7th Howitzer kills another 

                to the west. 10th Howitzer kills partisans southwest of Intombe.

                Fanatics up in arms east of Tundra Ridge: 2 and a leader.

                Russia gains Machine Tools from the Sioux in exchange for Plactics.

                Sneak attack by Russia! * Russian tank kills the 10th Cavalry and razes Ura

                Medes, taking Advanced Flight from the ruins. *

                Lenin hails and demands Rocketry. That is refused as is his offer for a cease-fire.

                The Senate intelligently agrees with the President.

                Russian tank kills Engineering Team west of the ruins of Ura Medes.

                Sioux gain Advanced Fllight from Russia.

                Zulu fanatics attack Umfolzi, but the 14th Riflemen hold the city.

                Zulu tank kills the wounded 6th Howitzer unit in the field.

AD 1915     Persian scientists announce the development of the Superconductor.

                Taydr Mechanized Infantry kills Russian settlers on the Big Island.

                Ura Susa Mechanized Infantry kills Russian rifle unit on Big Island.

                P.N.S. Ural sinks Russian ironclad in the Western Sea.

                Madrid builds the first Helicopter unit, “Heli-1”

                022 stages a revolt in the Zulu city Isipezi. The operation drains 325 of Perisa’s

                1803 treasury, but 81 is taken back in plunder. *       

                Shakala hails and again her offer for a cease-fire is wholly rejected.

                021 sabotages Marine production in Kiev and returns to Susa.

                1st Air kills Zulu marines east of Ibabanago.

                018 is re-activated and sabotages almost complere submarine production in Zimbabwe. 

                Success gains the agent the code-name “Goat”

                Virgin sabotages all-but-completed tank production in Bapedi.

                P.N.S. Chula shells and kills Zulu tank outside Hlobane. *

                11th Armor kills Zulu rifle unit at fort southeast of Isandhlwana and take Fort Z-6

                11th Artillery kills partisan south of Fort Z-5

                P.N.S. Araya sinks Zulu cruiser south of Swazi. *

                6th Armor kills partisans at fort southwest of Mpondo. 2nd Howitzer kills partisans

                at fort southeast of Hlobane. Sioux learn Electronics.

                Russian cruiser attacks Swazi and is sunk by the alpine atop the coastal fortress.

                Russian submarine torpedoes P.N.S. Arayas, but is sunk.

AD 1916     Hail Sitting Bull to have him pull troops from Sahara Hill and Isipezi regions.

                Like Lenein, he offers peace, which is accepted with a sigh.

                Goat checks Zulu cities. No new units in Zimbabwe, Bapedi, or Ulundi.

                Cyrus orders the capitol taken and chased if needed.

                9th Howitzer kills fanatic but is wounded. 2nd Howitzer kills rifle #1, 7th Howitzer

                kills rifle #2, 3rd Howitzer kills rifle #3, 11th Armor takes Zimbabwe. *

                453 gold is plundered , and Persia gains control of Women’s Suffrage * and 

                the Cure For Cancer.  2 partisan units set up in the southwest hills.

                Zulu government successfully escapes to Bapedi. *

                Shakala hails, but her offer of a cease-fire meets its now-usual refusal.

                P.N.S. Indus sinks a Zulu battleship and cruiser in one attack!

                2nd Armor kills partisans south of Zimbabwe but is wounded, 5th Howitzer kills

                other partisan south of Zimbabwe. 3rd Howitzer kills Zulu marines northeast of Umtata.

                P.N.S. Araya kills Zulu rifle plus a unit southwest of Hlobane. 

                1st Armor kills Zulu marines n/e of Ibanabango.

                P.N.S. Chula sinks a Zulu cruiser north of Madagascar.

                Arayas forms the 11th Howitzer.

                4th Air kills Russian marines n/w of Swazi.

                More religious fanatics take up arms near Tundra Ridge, two and a leader.

AD 1917     Persian scientists successfully test Fusion Power.

                Persian Census bureau reports population at 30,040,000. * Susa forms the 12th Howitzer.

                3rd Air kills Zulu engineers s/w of Hlobane.

                Virgin examines Zulu cities. Bapedi: 3 rifle, alpine, fanatics, Walls.

                Ulundi: 4 rifle  Umtata: 3 alpine, rifle.

                As ordered, the Persian army follows the Zulu government.

                4th Howitzer kills alpine, 6th howitzer kills rifle #1, 3rd Howitzer kills rifle

                #2, 12th Howitzer kills rifle #3, 10th Howitzer kills fanatics. 13th Howitzer takes Bapedi. 

                300 gold is plundered, * 5 partisans set up around the city.

                Zulu government escapes to Ulundi. Shakala hails but her cease-fire is refused.

                023 spends 830 of the Persian 2487 gold treasury to subvert Swazi, but is

                captured before delivering any plunder. * 

                Two partisans set up in the jungle to the southwest and fort to the northeast.

                Shakala again hails and her cease-fire offer is again rejected.

                6th Armor kills the jungle partisans.  2nd Air kills Zulu alpine in Fort Z-7, east of

                Ibabanago. 1st Armor razes the city and gains no plunder. *

                Shakala hails and once more the President and Senate reject her cease-fire.

                1st Artillery kills Zulu marine n/w of Bapedi, 5th Armor kills partisan s/e of Bapedi, 

                10th Armor kill partisan s/w of Bapedi.

                Cyrus considers the Sioux situation in western Egyr * and hails Sitting Bull.

                The Sioux leader again offers peace like it’s new, and it is again accepted.

                Virgin incites revolt in Umtata, spending 528 of the 1657 Persian treasury and

                getting no plunder at all. * Two partisans set up to the n/w and n/e.

                Shakala, now the ruler of a single city *, hails and offers a cease-fire. It is

                rejected. Cyrus long ago sealed her doom and the Senate has supported it for years now.

                Sioux withdraw from Persian territory, but 6-8 of their ships are spotted sailing north.

AD 1918     Virgin investigates Ulundi: 4 rifle units behind walls. The death knell is sounded.

                13th Howitzer kills rifle #1, 5th howitzer kills rifle #2, 8th Howitzer kills

                rifle #3 then rifle #4. 2nd Armor takes Ulundi,* destroys the Zulu spaceship *, 

                and plunders 24 gold. Shakala is captured and brought to Susa in chains.

                 Zulu Civilization destroyed by Persia! *

                Xerxes presents a review on the Persian military: * 1 musketeer (Viking holdover)

                65 Rifle units, 20 Mechanized Infantry, 15 Cavalry, 7 Armor, 3 Artillery, 11 Howitzer, 

                6 Air Fighters, 1 Helicopter, 4 Cruisers, 8 Battleships,

                1 Diplomat (barbarian holdover), 6 spies, and 1 Explorer corp.

                Egyr shells Fanatics n/ Tundra Ridge.

                In a bold move to expel the Sioux from all Egyr, Cyrus has 022 subvert Snake

                    Canyon for 564 (x2) of Persia’s 1370 treasury. 92 gold is plundered but that is beside the

                point.* The city’s cavalry is disbanded for a rifle unit and the engineer rejoins the city

                population. Sitting Bull hails. He openly calls Persia “treacherous” and 

                curses the connection with the United Nations, 

                but still offers peace – again – which is accepted.

                Elizabeth is hailed. She demands the Superconductor plans, but is refused. She

                then offers a ceas-fire and peace, which are accepted.

                Myanmar Engineering Team rebuilds Ura Mede (no “s”) on the Big Island.

                P.N.S. Iberia finds a Russian transport, empty, in the South Pacific and follows.

                P.N.S. Araya finds a Russian transport, loaded, in the southern West Ocean.

                Sioux learn Miniaturization. Residual Sioux troops approach Snake Canyon.

                Spy foils Sioux espionage attempt at Maurita * and then does it again.

AD 1919     Persian Air Force makes a successful test flight of a prototype Stealth fighter.

                Russian troops approach Swazi. *

                Hail receptive Sitting Bull. He makes no demands, curses the U.N., then

                expresses pleasure at speaking with his friends the Persians. When those friends ask him to

                kindly remove his troops from Persian territory, subverted though it is, 

                Sitting Bull declares war. *1st Air kills Sioux cannon n/e of Snake Canyon, 

                then 2 fanatics w/ of the city. Heli-1 kills Sioux transport with 4 units w/ Maurita.* 

                Maurita rifle kills those two diplomats s/ the city. Virgin sabotages the 

                Sioux marines e/ Snake Canyon. Sahara Hill Mech. Infantry kills Sioux freight.

                P.N.S. Sumer sinks Sioux submarine and two other units, then a transport with 8 units. *

                P.N.S. Ural sinks 2 Sioux cruisers at Gibraltar. P.N.S. Tuarus sinks Sioux destroy nearby. *

                9th Armor kills Russian tank w/ Swazi.

                Taydr forms the 14th Howitzer.

                Sioux cruiser shells Hong Kong, but the Alpine on the coastal fortress holds.

AD 1920     Persian scientists present (future tech 1)

                Hail Elizabeth. She makes no demands. Cyrus – “Since you’re already fighting

                the Sioux anyway.” Persia offers an alliance and Elizabeth accepts. *

                Sahara Hill Mechanized Infantry kills Sioux Marine s/e of Snake Canyon. 

                All Sioux are now gone from Egyr.

                Sioux submarine well sinks a Persian transport en route to Siouxland with 2 spies,

                an Armor and a Howitzer unit.  Lord Macaulay’s Largest Empires Epic: 1) Persia 2) Sioux

                Nation 3) Russia 4)
England *

AD 1921     P.N.S. Gemini sinks that Sioux submarine. Taurus sinks one then another cruiser,

                Gemini sinks a third cruiser. 1st Howitzer kills Russian marine n/ Swazi.

                English learn Leadership. Sioux learn the Theory of Gravity.

                Sioux cruiser approaches but does not attack the P.N.S. Sumer.

AD 1922     Persian scientists present (future tech 2)

                P.N.S. Iberia sinks Russian transport with 7 units west of Russia. *

                Gemini sinks the above Sioux cruiser. 14th Howitzer kills Russian tank w/ Taydr.

                Sioux cruiser attack Gemini and is sunk, but a Sioux submarine comes up and

                sinks it, then sinks the Sumer!

AD 1923     P.N.S. Taurus sinks that Sioux submarine.

                Sioux learn flight. Sioux cruiser sinks the Taurus. Russia gains flight from the Sioux.

                Fanatics attack Skara but their Rifle unit holds.

AD 1924     Persian scientists present (future tech 3)

                P.N.S. Chula sinks Russian cruiser s/ Swazi.          

                P.N.S. Araya sinks Russian cruiser n/w Russia. Sioux cruiser shells Auroria and is sunk.

                Fanatics attack Tundra Ridge but the Rifle unit holds.

AD 1925     P.N.S. Indus sinks Russian cruiser in Mid-West Ocean.

                Ulundi builds the first AEGIS Cruiser, “Ulundi”. Sioux learn Combined Arms.

                Sioux bomber spotted flying over Cuba.

AD 1926     Persian scientists present (future tech 4)

                P.N.S. Iberia sinks Sioux transport with 6 units. *

                After a long approach from the west by sea, 024 subverts the southernmost Sioux

                city, First Wind for 1227 of the Persia 1671 treasury. 142 gold is plundered.*

                Expensive, but it gains Persia a foothold in Siouxland.

AD 1927     Elizabeth and Sitting Bull make peace.

                Sitting Bull hails and demands Superconductor. That is refused but his offers of a

                cease-fire and peace are accepted.

                In the interest of World Peace, Lenin is hailed. He demands Rocketry, is refused,

                but still offers a cease-fire and peace. Those are accepted.

                Persian navy in West Ocean is split, half return east, half go to First Wind. *

                Sioux learn Refining.  Bulk of Sioux navy spotted sailing east past Cuba.

AD 1928     Persian scientists present (future tech 5). Sioux learn Radio.

AD 1929     Bison cultists overthrow the Sioux Republic.

                Sneak attack by Sioux! * Cruiser sinks the P.N.S. Ulundi.

                Elizabeth announces she will come to Persia’s aid. *

                Sioux marines kill Howitzer and Spy north of First Wind.

AD 1930     First Wind completes City Walls. Persian scientists present (future tech 6)

                Maurita launches the first Persian Aircraft Carrier, “P.N.S. Cyrus”

                P.N.S. Iberia kills 2 Sioux diplomats n/ First Wind.

                P.N.S. China II sinks Sioux transport e/ Wildcat Valley, then sinks a cruiser.

                Bison cultists secure power in the Sioux government.

                Sioux cruiser attacks P.N.S. China II and is sunk.Russia gains Radio from the Sioux.

AD 1931     P.N.S. China II shells and kill Sioux Engineer and diplomat s/ Wildcat Valley

                1st Howitzer kills Sioux marine n/ First Wind.

                021 destroys Wildcat Valley’s Cathedral.

                Zimbabwe launches the 9th Persian Battleship, P.N.S. Zu.

                3rd Air, from P.N.S. Cyrus, sinks the wounded Sioux cruiser that sunk Ulundi.

                4th Air, also from Cyrus, sinks an empty Sioux transport. * English learn Economics.

                Sioux steal Fusion Power from First Wind. Sioux diplomat sabotages Mechanized

                Infantry production in First Wind. Sioux bomber kills Engineer south of

                First Wind. Second Sioux bomber bombs P.N.S. China II and is shot down. 

                Sioux cruiser attacks P.N.S. Cyrus and is sunk.

                Guerrilla uprising s/w Hong Kong: 2 units and a leader.

AD 1932     Persian scientists present (future tech 7)

                P.N.S. Ural sinks Sioux submarine n/ Yellowtree island.

                1st Howitzer kills Sioux tank n/ First Wind.

                P.N.S. China II kills Sioux diplomat n/ First Wind.

                021 destroys Wildcat Valley’s Coliseum. 024 destroys Wildcat Valley’s Temple.

                4th Air kills Sioux bomber s/e of First Wind.

                P.N.S. Iberia kills two Sioux cannons n/ First Wind.

                Sioux tanks kills 1st Armor n/ First Wind.

                Sioux helicopter attacks First Wind and is shot down.

                Russia learns Refining.

AD 1933     Persian Minister of Science reports that the Persian spaceship and colonists are

                ready to launch for the Apha Centauri system. * A ceremony is readied.

                1st Howitzer kills Sioux marines, then 1st Armor kills tank, n/ First Wind.

                P.N.S. Araya sinks 2 Sioux cruisers in a single battle.

                Hong Kong launches the 2nd AEGIS cruiser, P.N.S. Hong Kong.

                Sioux learn to make Automobiles.

                Two Sioux bombers attack P.N.S. Ural and are shot down, but a cruiser attacks

                the weakened ship and sinks her.

                Sioux tank kills 6th Armor n/ First Wind. Sioux sabotage Stealth production there.

                In a ceremony broadcast throughout all Persia, President Cyrus presses the button

                that ignites the S.S. Cyrus Eterna’s engines and launches the spaceship into the cosmos.

AD 1934     Persian scientists present (future tech 8)

                North of First Wind: P.N.S. Iberia kills artillery and marines, 3rd Air kills two

                diplomats, Heli-1 kills tanks and artillery.

                Rifle unit at Myanmar kills guerrillas south of the city.

                Ngome builds 1st Stealth fighter.

                In a mix-up discovered later, First Wind had rush-bought the first Stealth.

                It is labeled Stealth-A

                At Wildcat Valley: 024 sabotages submarine production, 021 destroys factory.

                Sioux tank shoots down Heli-1.

                Sioux diplomats destroy First Wind’s Coastal Fortress and Marketplace.

                In a horrible defeat, a Sioux helicopter sinks a Persian transport with 6 units!

                Guerrillas kill Engineering Team outside Myanmar.

                Russia gain Automobile from the Sioux.

AD 1935      Stealth-A shoots down a bomber and sinks a cruiser. Good debut for the plane.

                 11st Howitzer kills marines and another unit north of First Wind.

                 In Wildcat Valley: 021 destroys Submarine production. 024 destroys Bank. 026

                 destroys Stock Exchange but is captured.

                 P.N.S. Chula shoots down helicopter and then sinks a cruiser.

                 Hong Kong Rifle unit wounds guerrilla but is killed.

                Chu’nor forms 12th Armor. En route to Hong Kong, it kills that guerrilla.

                Ura Susa forms 1st Marines, Susa the 2nd Stealth Fighter, Roskilde the 3rd Stealth.

                P.N.S. Aries shoots down the helicopter responsible for sinking the transport.

                P.N.S. Indus sinks a cruiser.

                Sioux tank kills Mechanized Infantry blocking access to First Wind.

AD 1936     Persian scientists present (future tech 9)

                Stealkth-A kills a helicopter, 2 diplomats and another helicopter.

                2nd load of reinforcements arrive in First Wind. Target Wildcat Valley.

                P.N.S. Araya kills tank plus a unit N/ First Wind. 021 destroys Coastal

                Fortress in target, but is captured. P.N.S. Iberia kills Alpine in target. P.N.S. 

                China II kills rifle in target. Araya kills marine south of target. Myanmar Mech. 

                Infantry takes Wildcat Valley. 222 gold is plundered.  * 2 partisans set up s/w of the city.

                Arayas forms the 13th Armor, Aqtau’ the 14th.

                024 sabotages Dead Buffalo’s Hydroplant production.

                Elizabeth hails. She askes for Advanced Flight and Persia delivers it. She

                mentions that she is having som trouble in her war against Sitting Bull and requests aid.

                Cyrus responds by giving her the Superconductor, Steel, Computers, and the Automobile.

                Elizabeth is, momentarily, worshipful.

                Sioux fundamentalist government overthrown.

                Sioux steal Space Flight from Wildcat Valley. Partisan attacks Wildcat Valley and

                is killed by the fortified Mechanized Infantry. Bomber sinks Araya.

AD 1937     Persian scientists present (future tech 10)

                Census Bureau reports Persian population at 40,060,000. *Siouxland Map compiled. *

                Hail Elizabeth. She request Space Flight and Cyrus delivers. 

                She repeats her trouble with the war and Cyrus gives her the Theory of Gravity. 

                She is again momentarily worshipful.

                024 sabotages almost complete helicopter production in Three Forks.

                P.N.S. Chula attacks the first observed Sioux battleship and wounds it horribly,

                but sinks anyway. 3rd Stealth kills bomber en route to Wildcat Valley, then a cannon.

                4th Stealth kills a transport with 3 units south of Dead Buffalo. *

                Zimbabwe builds the 4th Stealth Fighter Squadron.

                P.N.S. Indus kills partisan south of Wildcat Valley.

                Elizabeth lands troops in Espvi. ?

                Sioux learn Rocketry and become a Republic.

                Sioux destroy Wildcat Valley Marketplace and Aqueduct. Cruiser attacks First

                Wind and is sunk by Mechanized Infantry atop newly rebuilt coastal fort.

AD 1938     Hail Elizabeth. She request Refining and Cyrus delivers, then gives Radio.

                1st Howitzer kills marine n/w Wildcat Valley. Stealth-A kill tank plus a unit n/e of

                that city. 025 destroys Three Forks coliseum production. 

                12th Armor kills cannon w/ Dead buffalo.

                026 destroys Wounded Knees’s SS Structure production.

                Susa builds the 1st Stealth Bomber.

                London launches its first SS Structure.

                Russia gains Rocketry from the Sioux.

AD 1939     Persian scientists present (Future Tech 11)

                Ulundi launches the 3rd AEGIS Cruiser, P.N.S. Ulundi II

                12th Howitzer kills rifle, then tank w/ Wildcat Valley. 3rd Stealth shoots down two

                bombers, then rifle in a fort n/w Wildcat Valley. 

                2nd Stealth kills Engineers plus two units s/e Wounded Knee. 

                026 sabotages Ceder Creeks’ SS Structure production.

                Sioux launch a host of SS parts

                Sioux tank kills Engineering Team n/w Wildcat Valley.

AD 1940    Hail Elizabeth. She requests Plastics and receives it. 

                Cyrus then presents Mobile Warfare and Machine Tools.

                026 destroys SS Component production in Wounded Knee.

                Aarhus spy destroys SS Structural production in Dead Buffalo, but is captured.

                024 destroys SS Structural production in Point of Rocks.

                Sioux add 4 Structural units to their Spaceship. Sioux learn Atomic Theory.

AD 1941     Persian scientists present (Future Tech 12)

                Hail Elizabeth. She asks and receives Nuclear Fission.

                027 destroys SS Structural production in Dead Buffalo.

                024 destroys SS Component production in Cedar Creek.

                Rome spy destroys SS Component production in Slim Buttes, but is captured.

                1st Howitzer shoots down helicopter n/ Dead Buffalo.

                Xerxes orders a faux invasion of Dead Buffalo. (3 rifle, alpine, fanatic)

                12th Howitzer kills fanatic. P.N.S. China II kills rifle #1. Indus kills rifle #2.

                13th Armor kills rifle #3, but is too wounded to withdraw.

                1st Stealth kills alpine in fort n/w Big Mound.

                Suez forms 6th Stealth.

                Sioux add 2 Components and 4 Structural to their Spaceship.

                Sioux bomber attacks Wildcat Valley but is shot down by fighters before arrival.*

                Sneak Attack by Russia! * Cruiser kills Engineering Team w/ of Swazi.

                Sub sinks P.N.S. Ulundi II.         

AD 1942     P.N.S. Zu sinks a Russian cruiser and then sinks another.

                Salamanca launches the 4th AEGIS, P.N.S. Salamanca.

                024 destroys diplomat production in Great River.

                025 destroys SS Component production in Slim Buttes.

                13th Armor takes Fort Su-1 w/ Dead Buffalo.

                3rd Stealth kills Russian cannon s/e Minsk.

                5th Stealth kills Russian Explorer s/e Minsk.

Cyrus decides to end the long war for questionable motives in the other hemisphere. The people soundly agree. The Senate, however, is power happy after the success against the Zulus, and rejects President Cyrus’s unilateral peace. The ever-present Cult of Personality around Cyrus erupts and expands and they attack the Senate.

                Sioux add 2 Components and 4 Structures to their Spaceship.

                Sioux learn Mass Transit.

                DISASTER! Missile attack by Russia, probably from a submarine, sinks the

P.N.S. Cyrus, taking four Stealth fighters, the Stealth bomber, and an Air fighter down as well. Furthermore, the Aircraft Carrier’s proximity to the Transport it guarded brings it, and the Spy, Armor, and Howitzer units it carried, down as well. Eleven total units are lost. This becomes the symbol for why Persia should abandon the East Hemisphere War.

                Russian submarine attacks P.N.S. Zu, but is sunk.

AD 1943     Cult of Cyrus initiate riots in Fifty Seven Persian cities as the people hunt and

eliminates all associated with the Senate who have not joined the Cult. 

When the killing is done, the Cult pronounces Cyrus Eterna Ayatollah of Persia. * The Ayatollah’s first action is to spend over 1500 gold on various city improvements. 

025 destroys SS Component production in Great River, but is captured.    

Ulundi launches 5th AEGIS Cruiser, Ulundi III. 

It goes at once and sinks a Russian cruiser. England adds 2 Components and a Structure to their Spaceship. 

Wildcat Valley rebels back to the Sioux, * who take Nuclear Fission and immediately begin the Manhattan Project. 

First Wind rebels back to the Sioux *, who now take Superconductor. Sioux bomber kills 13th Armor. Air fighter kills Engineering Team s/e First Wind.

AD 1944     Cult of Cyrus secures control of Persia. Order returned to all cities.

                Hail Lenin. He demands Nuclear Fission, but is refused. A peace treaty is signed.

                Hail Elizabeth. Asks for Rocketry and is given it. Cyrus also gives Flight,

                Miniaturization, Mass Production, and Robotics. Then maps are shared.

                Hail Sitting Bull. No audience is granted.

                Sioux learn Guerrilla Warfare. 1944 Persian demographics compiled. *


AD 1945     Persian Spaceship lands in the Alpha Centauri!


          Citizens: 883

          Achievements: 480

          Spaceship: – 30

          Peace: + 3

          Future Tech: +60

          Barbarians: + 25

          Total: 1621

          Civilization Rating:  162%

And so ends the detailed record of 

Cyrus Eterna Augustus, Ayatollah of Persia

                With the Persian colony on Alpha Centauri, the Persians put the full weight and power of their worldly Holy Empire to the destruction of the Sioux. Spies continually flowed into Siouxland with the sole mission of disrupting their nuclear program. Meanwhile, a massive force of conventional and stealth units was assembled. In 1964 the Persian invasion began. The Sioux defense was formidable, but attrition took its toll. In 1983 the last free Sioux city, Cedar Creek, fell to the Holy Howitzers of Persia.

                Russia fought alongside their old allies, but were faced with a Persian strategy of containment. There were countless naval battles, but never could the Russians land troops outside their hemisphere.

                Elizabeth was virtually irrelevant. Her navy helped keep the Sioux from expanding, but her land and air forces were rarely in Siouxland, and they took no cities.

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