Peaceful War

*********************************PEACEFUL WAR*******
– Initial release
– Added section 6 on RoP agreements.
– Added clarification on different ideas.
– Added to the Diplomacy section.
– Updated for v1.17f of civ3!
– Major spellchecking.


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Ok, so you’ve finally ended the war, your citizens rejoice and the
people are partying. What now? You’ve got a less than impressive
empire and your opponents are rapidly expanding. What can be done
to stop this expansion before their lead becomes even greater? What
you want a peaceful war. Hopefully, that’s what I’ll give you.

I have divided my advice into 5 major sections:

*********Section 1*********

If you aren’t at war, but still want to hurt your opponent, your
best option may be a trade embargo with another nation against
your enemy. This can be done during diplomatic negotiations with
the civ that you want to join you in the embargo. This can be
really effective when your enemy needs foreign resources for certain
units. e.g: iron in ancient times for swordsmen, rubber in modern
times for tanks, marines, paratropers, mech inf., modern armor, etc.

By stopping your opponent from trading for needed resources/luxuries
you can send them into unhappiness and/or force them into building
a large, but obsolete, military. Running over riflemen with modern
armor in modern times is a real blast!

The downside: The affected nation will not think too highly of you.
Also, you will have to pay all nations that you would like to join you
money to compensate for the lost money/goods. This, in turn, can
inhibit your growth. If you are paying 100 gold/turn total to a
handful of civs to stop your foe from getting furs, you may want to
seriously reconsider!

*********Section 2*********

Well, you are tired of sitting back and watching your opponent(s)
rapidly expand and advance in tech, but what can you do? Easy, build
the intelligence agency and then conduct a little espionage. In order
to investigate cities and steal technology all you need is an embassy.
However, if you want to have a much wider range of possible activities
you’ll need to build the intelligence agency and discover espionage.


i)Requirements – Writing, Contact with target civilization.
ii)Uses – Enables you to investigate enemy cities and steal enemy tech.
iii)Special – Missions can be conducted Immediately, Carefully, or
Safely in order from least to greatest amount of gold required.
iv)Pros – You get stuff!!!!!!!
v)Cons – Discovery generally leads to war 🙁 Closed down during war.

Intelligence Agency/Spies

i)Requirements – Intelligence agency, Espionage, Embassy with target.
ii) Uses:
1. Sabotage – Destroy 1/2 production on current project.
2. Propoganda – If successful, city subverts over to your side
without firing a shot. If not, a waste of money.
3. Plant Disease – Reduce target city’s population.
4. Steal Plans – Reveal enemy troop positions.
5. Steal World Maps – Duh!
6. Expose Enemy Mole – Wait, you didn’t think that these
advantages only applied to you, did you? Using this
option will attempt to catch an enemy spy lurking
your palace. They can always plant another….
iii)Special – Spy must be planted succesfuly using embassy before these
missions can take place.
iv)Pros – Get to do dirty things, uninterrupted by war.
v)Cons – Discovery can lead to an international incident.

International Incident

Well, you thought that you got away after successfully stealing that
tech. Little did you know, even when a mission is successful, there is
still a chance for international incident. Usually, international
incident leads to a war, but sometimes, your friends will let you off
the hook. It pisses people off though 🙂


I would suggest not fooling around with unnecessary missions.
Investigating cities to find out how many of each strategic resource
they have can be really useful when war eventually comes. If you
do a mission, try to use the most expensive option available and don’t
ever settle for immediate unless you are planning on war anyways.

*********Section 3*********

You’ve got 100 workers and your entire countryside is completely
improved. What do you do with the workers? Here’s a solution! Send
them to your friends. Only this time, you aren’t actually going to
improve their land, your just going to plant it with forests. This
works best if you are industrious and they aren’t. Planting their
land with forests, or replacing their mines and irrigation accordingly
is really effective and doesn’t cause adverse world opinions. I would
suggest the following rubric.

Grassland = Forest
Plains = Mines

This will starve them out. You can do whatever with hills but I like to
leave them alone. You can also do the opposite, and just wreak havoc
on their population control and unhappiness control. You need an RoP
to do this, because workers are considered military.

*********Section 4*********

Aaaarrrrrgggghhhhhh!!!!!! That annoying civ is building cities in every
crack in my empire. They have got to be killed! But wait, there’s a
better way. Just build up your culture and soon those cities will join
up by choice. This works real well to stop them from building all over
since those new cities have no culture whatsoever. Here’s a rundown
on how to build up your culture and prevent absorption yourself.

Improvements to build:
All wonders and small wonders with emphasis on Cure for Cancer
JS Bach’s Cathedral, Newton’s University, Shakespeare’s
Theater, and the Great Library.
Research Lab

As of v1.17f, a large enough garrison of soldiers can completely stop
any chance of flipping 🙂 😀 🙂

Also, a courthouse greatly reduces your chances of being absorbed. It
is mentioned in the manual that army garrisons help also, but they help
so little, that if they are taking support, it isn’t really worth it.
Just make sure to build courthouses.

*********Section 5*********

No, I’m not gonna talk about embargoes here but I am going to address
a great way to screw your enemies which will make them think twice
before trying to mess with you. There are 2 major strategies:

1)Sign a RoP agreement. Move a large invasion force into their territory
and then cancel the Peace treaty the turn that the RoP expires. This
will not cause bad attitudes against you since you didn’t declare war
until after the RoP had expired and the peace had expired. You can
build up huge forces next to key cities and “legally” rip apart enemies.
I put this in a Peaceful War strategy guide because most of this strat.
happens while you are at peace. This is the preferred way to simulate
a blitzkreig.

2)Sign MPPs with everyone they have them with, then proceed to piss them
off. You can yell at them, demand stuff, keep moving units into their
territory without an RoP and even suggest unfair trades. They will get
really mad, but they won’t attack you. If they do, all of their “allies”
will actually declare war on whoever attacks, which would be them. They
are forced into peace and cannot do a thing about it.

3)Ok, you’ve got tons of border cities, either from a war of conquests,
or maybe from some rapid expansion. These cities have so much corruption
that they will never produce more than one commerce as of v1.16f. If
a new patch comes out addressing this problem, I’ll update as one
is coming out in 2 days. 🙂 In addition to 1 commerce, these cities
have a high chance of flipping to your enemies. Here’s what you do:
1 – evacuate the military and sell any remaining improvements.
2 – contact the person to whom the cities formerly belonged
3 – if you built the cities, then just contact anyone
4 – offer all of these cities in a trade and try to get money.
5 – whether you get money or not, give them away
This will give you a defensive unit, which is flown to your capital for
each of the cities you traded away. It is also a way to get rid of
high corruption cities and improve relations. And it’s fun 🙂

*********Section 6*********

This is a small section that is new to this version of PeacefulWar.
Soon, this section will be filled with tips on how to manipulate and
abuse right of passage agreements, I will list 2 here that have not
already been listed in the diplomacy or workers section.

1) Manitpulating the RoP – So, you want a one-sided RoP, but your ally
doesn’t agree with you. What can you do? Easy, build up a large
standing defensive force and post it along your border with the other
country. Then fortify them and sign and RoP. They can’t go through your
units into your territory but you can go through theirs.

2) Peaceful Peace – You think that your friend who you have peace with
is planning on attacking you. You notice units of his crossing into
your territory. What do you do? Sign an RoP. Leaders of other countries
don’t like the negative world opinion from manipulating an RoP for
a sneak attack so usually they will remain peaceful. This is especially
helpful when your opponent is larger than you. Signing an RoP is an
almost definate 20 turn unbreakable peace treaty for little or no cost
to you. Keep in mind, however, that sometimes enemies only want a war
and when that happens, there is nothing you can do to stop that.


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