Probabilities of Goody Huts (C3C)

I made an excel file to calculate the probabilities of goody huts.

You can check on/off the option that are not possible, and the table will be updated. Or you can look at the picture and calculate yourself. The upper table are for expansionists, and the lower for others.

Condition needed for the different goodies.

— The tile must not have any type of resource or luxury on it.

— always available

— always available

— Player must not have a settler (active or in production) or any unit with the Settle AI strategy.
— Player must have less cities than (TotalCities / NumActivePlayers).

Mercenaries (skilled warrior):

— There must be a unit available to the Barbarians as well as the player and that unit must be able to be built (or have been built) by some player in the game.

— Player must still be in Ancient Times.

— Player must not have Expansionist trait.
— There must not be a city within a 1-tile radius.

— The player must have at least 1 city.
— The player must have at least 1 military unit.
— The unit popping the hut must not have the “All Terrain As Roads” ability.

Download: (4.2 KB)

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