Cracker’s GOTM9 Japan Campaign Site

Some people will snuffle and ask why anyone would go into this much detail on an example of the CIV3 game, but I wanted to briefly emphasize that this focus came about from my desires to share how I played just one small piece of the GOTM9 game while hopefully providing something that would be of value to other players.
Nothing in this website is meant to imply that this is exactly the approved solution of how you should play this game or this scenario. What I discovered from many hours of playing succession games with a number of other players, is that many, many people who try to play Civ3 end up victimized by not having a good handle on some very basic game play skills. Most of these issues are not necessarily intuitive so they would not be the instinctive thing that someone might do as a first choice.

My hope is that in sharing this detailed level of a replay long with some example save files that people can load and try for themselves, that many of these examples will help other people to use these skills in their basic game play so that they will be free to enjoy and experiment with the game on a higher level.

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