Invading AI Continent in Modern Age

Fighting a war on another continent can be a difficult experience. Here’s a tip for making D-Day a little less tramatic by taking advantage of the AI’s inability to wage war.
Once the AI has built railroads, he will respond to your invasion force IMMEDIATELY with almost every mobile unit in his entire arsenal. By fortifying your high defense infantry on a mountain with a railroad connection, you can pretty much wipe out his entire army in one turn. Make sure you are already at war with the AI, so he will attack your units on sight.

1. Split your forces in to 2 groups: Have a large invasion force ready – generally two full transports are necessary to be successful in modern ages. Also have a vanguard landing force – which is just infantry.
2. Make your large invasion force a large combined arms force: 1 part mech infantry (high defense), 1 part tank (high attack and speedy), 1 part artillery (bombardment). Make your vanguard just infantry (3-4 units, but large enough to withstand assault)
3. Drop the vanguard on the a mountain square, near an enemy town and one that is connected via rails (or roads, if no rail). Only drop your vanguard, in case he has too many units. You don’t want to risk your artillery or high attack units.
4. The enemy will attack with almost everything he has. Since you are on the mountains, you will have a very high defense. Additionally, you will win may of the battles, and almost all of your units will reach elite status – you might even get a great leader out of it.
5. On the next turn, land your invasion force. The coast should be clear and you can now go on the attack without a horde of units coming after you.

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