Top Three Suitable Victory Conditions for Each Tribe

I once made a list with what top three victory conditions I thought most suited to for each tribe, under conditions suitable to them (not that I’ve played everyone for each of these VCs)… e.g. expansionist tribes pop a settler early. I don’t know what level I had in mind. As an example, consider Rome. Military action favors Rome more than anything else really. Conquest won over domination, because they don’t have any significant advantages in pumping out settlers or producing extra culture. Then again, in most pangea games it might work out as easier to win via domination than conquest no matter who you play. Here’s my list in the 1-2-3 order I thought for each tribe. Comments welcome, as much of this qualifies as opinion:
America-Histo, Conq, Dom
Arabia-100k, 20k, Conq
Aztecs-Dom, Conq, Hist
Babylon-100k, 20k, Space
Byzantine-20k, Space, Diplo
Carthage-20k, Hist, Diplo
Celts=100k, Dom, Hist
China-Conq, Hist, Dom,
Dutch-Hist, 20k, Diplo
Egypt-100k, Hist, Conq
England-Diplo, 20k, Space
France-Diplo, 20k, Hist,
Germany-Space, 20k, Diplo
Greece-Space, Diplo, 20k
Hittites-Diplo, 20k, Space
Inca-Hist, Dom, Conq
India-100k, 20k, Hist,
Iroquois-Dom, Hist, Conq
Japan-Conq, 100k, Hist,
Korea-Space, Diplo, 20k
Maya-Hist, Dom, Conq
Mongols-Conq, 20k, Dom
Ottomans-Hist, Space, Diplo
Persia-Space, Diplo, 20k
Portugal-20k, Hist, Diplo
Rome-Conq, Dom, Hist
Russia-Space, 20k, Diplo
Spain-20k, Diplo, 100k
Sumeria-Diplo, Space, Histo
Vikings-20k, Conq, Space
Zululand-Conq, 20k, Dom

Key: Hist-histographic, Conq-Conquest, Dom-Domination, Diplo-Diplomatic