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Title: Civilization III: Conquests Trailer [Mirror 2]
Author: Atari
Date Added: October 2, 2003
File Size: 4.83 MB
Format: WMV
Length: 49 Seconds
Description: This is the first C3C trailer released by Atari.
Title: Homage to the Jaguar Warrior
Author: Created by Andi (aka Lahero)
Date Added: July 29, 2003
File Size: 51 MB
Format: XVID (Codec included in zip)
Length: ~30 minutes
Description: This is an uncut Civ3 PTW in-game video that shows a normal game with Aztecs on Deity.

Note: "This movie is not meant to be a tutorial for Deity games! It just gives you an impression of my usual Deity games with Aztecs."

Title: Civilization III Replay Movie
Author: Created by CornMaster
Date Added: October 31, 2001
File Size: 2.5 MB
Format: DivX
Length: 65 Seconds
Description: Cornmaster has captured the replay movie of his first game! The movie covers the period 4000 BC to 570 BC.
Title: Civilization III Gameplay Movies

  1. The Romans start a new civilization and encounter the Americans early in the game. (8 MB)
  2. A young Roman society expands its influence and research. (7 MB)
  3. Survey the Roman lands and watch a deal with Gandhi. (10 MB)
  4. Roman cities encircle the Indian culture to the north. (10.2 MB)
Author: GameSpot
Date Added: October 18, 2001
File Size: ~ 10 MB each
Format: .MPEG
Length: Each clip is about 1 Minute
Description: These gameplay movies were captured directly from the game.
Title: Civilization III Intro Movie
Author: Created by Firaxis; Originally posted by GameSpot
Date Added: October 16, 2001
File Size: 22.3 MB
Format: .MPEG
Length: 2 Minutes
Description: The opening movie of Civilization III.
Title: Civilization III Pre-order Bonus Video
Author: Created by Firaxis; Converted to DivX by Blacksurf; Originally posted/hosted by Blacksurf, CyberSpy, Anunikoba, and MarBaS.
Date Added: September 27, 2001
File Size: 35 MB
Format: .AVI (DivX)
Length: 7 Minutes
Description: Some people who pre-ordered Civilization III at Best Buy received a CD containing a special Civ3 video. Cybershy, one of the lucky players, is kind enough to convert the video into DivX format so we can all enjoy the video. In the video, key members of the Civ3 team: Jeff Briggs, Mike Gibson, Soren Johnson, Nick Rusko-Bergo, Mark Cromer, Jerome Atherholt, and Jacob Solomon, talk about various aspects of the game and desribe what make the game special. It’s fun to hear addiction story from Jacob Solomon and it’s reassuring to hear comments from David Evans who said "This game runs amazingly smooth"!
Title: Civilization III GameStar Video
Author: GameStar Magazine; Coverted to DivX by crimson;
Date Added: September 6, 2001
File Size: 15 MB
Format: .AVI (DivX)
Length: 2 Minutes
Description: The German "GameStar" magazine has released a high quality Civ3 video that contains many new in-game scenes, such as Wonder of the World graphics, shore bombardment, etc. The video is about 2 minutes long and is in DivX format.
Title: Civilization III Unit Animation Videos

Available in both AVI and GIF formats!

Catapult Attack: AVI, 831 KB GIF, 808 KB
Pikemen Attack: AVI, 665 KB GIF, 384 KB
Swordsmen Attack: AVI, 775 KB GIF, 502 KB
Tank Attack: AVI, 1.1 MB GIF, 953 KB
Warrior Attack: AVI, 744 KB GIF, 480 KB
Warrior Death: AVI, 546 KB GIF, 319 KB
Author: AVIs are created by Firaxis; Converted to GIF format by Thunderfall
Date Added: July 11, 2001
File Size: NA
Format: .AVI & GIF Animations
Length: <10 seconds each
Description: Large, high quality unit animations in AVI format! You can also download the animations in GIF format (converted from AVI to GIF by CivFanatics). The GIF animations have nearly the same quality as the AVI and have smaller file size.
Title: Civilization III Game Trailer
Author: Firaxis/PC Zone
Date Added: July 11, 2001
File Size: 12.4 MB
Format: .MPA (MPEG)
Length: 1:14 Minute
Description: This is the official release of the commercial in the shakycam video released by De Spelletjesgarnaal in June. The quality of this video is high.
Title: E3 2001: Civilization III Presentation Video
Author: De Spelletjesgarnaal
Date Added: June 11, 2001
File Size: 5.1 MB
Format: Streaming Windows Media (WMV)
Length: 3 Minutes
Description: A "shakycam" Civ3 presentation video from this year’s E3, orginally posted at Belgian gaming site De Spelletjesgarnaal. The video contains a Civ3 commercial that’s not seen in previous Civ3 videos. It’s in streaming Windows Media (WMV) format and is about 3 minutes long.
Title: E3 2001: Civilization III Presentation Video
Author: BonusWeb
Date Added: May 29, 2001
File Size: 31.8 MB
Format: DivX (DivX Codec is required)
Length: 11 Minutes
Description: Czech website BonusWeb posted this "shakycam" video from E3 2001. The video contains more than 10 minutes of in-game video from Civilization III, accompanied by Firaxian Thomas Zahorik’s presentation of new Civ3 features.

We will add more Civ3 videos to this section when they become available.