zModular Python

If you are a python MODer who has been around from before Beyond the Sword you know how annoying thePythonCallbackDefines.xml file is, you probably also know about those newbs who have trouble getting your MOD COMP to run correct, and probably you also know how much work goes into just getting ready to make a MOD COMP. What if you could eliminate most if not all of this? Well now you can!

Welcome to zModular Python. All you need is a a function to initalize, a zConfig file (a new data system I made), and zModular Python. This system checks all the folders directly in the Python dir of your MOD and checks them for a LoadOrder.zCnfg file. Once it finds a load order it will load any listed python files that exist. Now to top it off I not only made it so that it can use Dr. Elmer Giggle’s Event Manager system, but also uses my new CvGameUtils file which acts similar to Dr. Elmer Giggle’s system.

So check it out!