Civ IV Game of Democracy II now open

The [URL=”″]Civ4 Democracy Game II[/URL] forum is now open and ready for [b]you[/b] to come help shape our destiny and build a civilization which will stand the test of time. You don’t even need [civ4] to participate, you can discuss the issues, vote in polls, or even be an elected official without ever opening the game. And it doesn’t take much time, as little as you want, unless you get hooked and spend every waking moment here. 😀
If you’ve never heard about Democracy Games, here’s an excerpt from our [URL=”″]Welcome and FAQ[/URL]. Watch this space in coming weeks for news of special events to kick off the new game.

[B]What is the demogame?[/B]
As the name implies, the demogame is a game of Civilization 4 being played by a group of people. We are mimicking an organized government, a democracy, where part of the players are elected by the remaining players, the citizens, to take on various roles of our civilization, such as President, cabinet minister, Chief Justice, and Governor or Mayor. These leaders are responsible for posting discussion threads and polls on the various aspects of the game to gather the citizens’ thoughts, and then, every few days, the game is played. Even citizens who do not participate as leaders still have an active role to play, as citizens provide the backbone for all discussions and decisions in the forums. Throughout the demogame as our civilization progresses, new leaders are elected, new cities are founded, and new wars are fought, but our goal to play the game of Civilization 4 collectively remains.