Ways into Health

(This could be a medical thread, but no it’s only a game )Health, as we all know is the key to everything, much more important than happiness (don’t flame me, there is another article on happiness [URL=”http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=189559″]here[/URL]).

This article identifies the factors that will lead a population to be healthy, and also notes some of the unhealthiness-causing elements.

As the player selects more difficult levels, cities become quickly unhealthy even with small populations, so having a good knowledge of the health factors will help the player to create and manage a stronger empire.

[U]Here are the health bonus you start with for every difficulty level[/U]:
[*][B]SETTLER[/B] ______4
[*][B]MONARCH[/B] ____2
Generally speaking, you will try to have more healthiness than unhealthiness. It doesn’t matter where the healthiness and unhealthiness comes from.
As long as you have more healthiness than unhealthiness, you have no :yuck: green faces.
If unhealthiness is higher than healthiness, you’ll have
[unhealthiness – healthiness] food lost every turn.

[I]Note that an unhealthy city can’t have a “we love our leader” day. It’s not game changing but it’s still a loss, and it’s avoidable.[/I]

[U]So, how do you get the healthiness you need to grow?[/U]

In vanilla cIV, there are exactly 8 ways to get [B]more [/B]health (and 3 to have unhealthiness).
[*][B]trait[/B] : expansive gives +3 health (+2 only in warlords patched version and BtS)
[*][B]Fresh water [/B]
(a city built next to a river, a lake or an oasis will gain 2 points of health)
(each forest in a city’s fat cross gives 0,5 health)
[*][B]resources [/B](see chapter 1)
(Banana; Clam; Corn; Cow; Crab; Deer; Fish; Pig; Rice; Wheat)
[*][B]buildings [/B](see chapter 2)
(Aqueduct; Granary*;Grocer*;Harbour*;Hospital; Supermarket*, public transportation in BtS)
[*][B]civics [/B]
(environmentalism : +6 health in all cities)
[*][B]wonders [/B]
(Hanging Gardens : +1 health in all cities)
[*][B]techs [/B]: Genetics gives you +3 health.
I won’t expand a lot on future techs. Every future tech gives you +1 health in every city. But who cares? The game is over at his point![/LIST]* : depends on a resource

[U]where does unhealthiness come from[/U] :
• [B]population [/B]itself = “too crowded” :
1 unhealthiness for each population point (yes the 1st pop thinks it’s already too crowded )
• [B]terrain [/B]:
Each flood plains account for 0,4 unhealthiness each. With 20 flood plains, that’s 8 unhealthiness.
Each jungle tile accounts for 0,25 unhealthiness.
Fallout accounts for 0,5 unhealthiness each.
• [B]buildings [/B]:
(Airport; Coal Plant; Dry-dock; Factory; Forge; Laboratory, IronWorks, Industrial park in BtS)
• [B]Resources in BtS[/B]:
(Oil and coal with factory and/or industrial park)

If I missed some unhealthiness factors, let me know.

[U]Note that there are ways to reduce unhealthiness.[/U]
Cutting the jungle reduces terrain unhealthiness.
Building a recycling centre removes building unhealthiness.

Credits to kroym, friskymike, michelangelo for Civ IV reference chart
edit : corrected sheep and banana according to the info center (error in the ref chart?)

There are 14 health resources

For each resource, you need either to
– have it on a tile included in you cultural borders, have the right improvement built and have the tile connected to your cities
– trade for it

[*]Corn : farm improvement, requires agriculture tech
[*]Rice : farm improvement, requires agriculture tech
[*]Wheat : farm improvement, requires agriculture tech
[*]Clam : working boat, requires fishing tech
[*]Crab : working boat, requires fishing tech
[*]Fish : working boat, requires fishing tech
[*]Banana : plantation improvement, requires calendar tech
[*]Cow : pasture improvement, requires animal husbandry
[*]Pig : pasture improvement, requires animal husbandry
[*]Sheep : pasture improvement, requires animal husbandry
[*]Deer : camp tech, requires hunting

[*]Spice : plantation improvement, requires calendar tech
[*]Sugar : plantation improvement, requires calendar tech
[*]Wine : wineyard improvement, requires monarchy tech ,
note that spice, sugar and wine (strangely enough! It should provide unhealthiness IMHO) provide happiness, they only provide health through a grocer[/LIST]

So there is a potential of [B]+11 health[/B], that can be increased to [B]+25 health[/B] including building effects, from resources.

From those:
3 (rice, corn, wheat) require [B]Agriculture[/B], and can be doubled with a granary (requires [B]Pottery[/B])
1 (deer) requires [B]Hunting [/B]and can be doubled with a supermarket (requires [B]Refrigeration[/B])
3 (clam, crab, fish), require [B]Fishing [/B]and can be doubled with a harbour (requires [B]Compass[/B])
3 (cows, pigs, sheep) require [B]Animal Husbandry [/B], +3 more health with supermarket (requires [B]Refrigeration[/B])
3 (banana, sugar, spice) (only 1 giving health directly) require [B]Calendar[/B], + 3 more with grocer (requires [B]Guild[/B])
1 (wine) (not giving health directly) requires [B]Monarchy[/B], +1 health with grocer (requires [B]Guild[/B])

[I][B]Aqueduct[/B]: +2 health, requires [B]mathematics and masonry[/B];
[B]Granary [/B]: +1 from corn, wheat, rice, requires [B]pottery[/B];
[B]Grocer [/B]: +1 health from bananas, spices, sugar, & wine, requires [B]guilds[/B];
[B]Harbour [/B]: +1 health from clams, crabs, & fish, requires [B]compass[/B];
[B]Hospital [/B]: +3 health, requires [B]medicine[/B];
[B]Supermarket [/B]: +1 health from cows, deer, pigs, & sheep, requires [B]refrigeration[/B][/I]

You can have a total of +21 health from buildings, 16 of those being already accounted for in chapter 1: the resources.

And as I mentionned in the first post,
[B]recycling centre [/B] removes unhealthiness from other buildings, as forge, drydock and factory. It requires [B]Ecology[/B] which is so near to the end of the tech tree you just can’t rely on this too much.

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