War Weariness Mechanics

Another thread inspired some searching through the SDK, and this is what I came up with.

NOTE: ALL 1.61 based, Vanilla, Not Warlords

So the “simple” formula seems to be:

WW Unhappiness in a City=
Pop x Active WW/200
x (100% -25%(Jail)-25%(Rushmore)-50%(Police State) )
x World Size Modifier
x 50% if Multiplayer game
x 50% if Always War or Permanent War/Peace Options
x AIs Modifier (100% at Settler..10% lower for each level up)
x (100+AI Per Era Modifier * Era)% [-1 for every Level above Noble]
0 if you are a Barbarian

Active WW = sum of all WW from all living teams that you are at war with

WW from a team = Starts at 0 and is changed by:

1. Combat Actions: only gained where you are not Culturally dominant

[i.e. a city that was someone else’s for a long time might NOT count as where you are culturally dominant, even if it is within your borders]

You gain no WW from Combat actions against Barbarians

Your unit attacks their unit=+3 if you lose, +1 if you win
Their unit attacks your unit =+2 (win or lose)
You capture a unit=+1
Your unit is captured=+2
You capture a city=+6
You launch a nuke=+12 (WW regardless of culture)
You are hit with a Nuke=+3 (WW regardless of culture… this is for All players hit by the nuke)

2. Time events

Each turn =-1
Each turn at Peace= x 99% (rounded down)
(so if it started at 102, and you were at peace, it would drop to 99)
101*0.99=99.99 (round down)=99
This is NOT Scaled with Game Speed, so on ALL game speeds you can do ~1 Combat every 1-3 turns and not increase your WW.

Basically with no Modifiers on a standard map:
Every “Foreign” City you take= 3% WW
Every Unit Combat in “Foreign” territory =~1% WW (less if you are winning attacks, more if you lose attacks)

“Foreign” here refers to Culture, not borders… so if the Germans sweep through and take half of your cities, you shouldn’t have any WW killing those units and taking them back because even though it may be within German ‘Borders’ the area is still probably culturally yours

Also if the Germans sweep through area that Was French for a Long time, but you took recently, BOTH you and the Germans will have WW fighting over the Area.

The worst possible WW War is Take a few cities and then keep fighting in that newly taken territory/remain at war. If you don’t think you will make any more gains then making peace is a good idea.

Because making peace for the 10 turns can take ~20 points off =~10% Anger reduction when you restart the War.

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