Sulla’s Civilization IV Walkthrough

Hi everyone,

For the last six months, I’ve been working on Civ4 as one of the pre-release testers for Firaxis. Let me say, it’s been quite entertaining lurking and reading much of the commentary that’s been posted here during that time. Some really clever things were written (and some amazingly misinformed stuff too ). I was doing well with remaining anonymous until Chieftess had to post some of her MP screenshots last week from one of the games that we were both involved in… (but which team won that game Chieftess? And who had the highest score when we stopped playing? )

Civ4 will be out today, and many people will be getting their hands on it soon. To celebrate release week, I’ve updated my website to include a major Civ4 section and prepared a detailed game report called the Civ4 Walkthrough. This Walkthrough will be a little bit different from what you’ll see on review sites, where they try to give the game a score, rank it, etc. Since I’m hopelessly biased when it comes to Civ4, rather than review the game, I’m simply going to play through a typical game and show you what it looks like, illustrating it with commentary and screenshots. I figure that will give everyone a rather different perspective from what they’re likely to see anywhere else.

The Walkthrough is divided into 7 parts. One will be posted each day this week, to celebrate the week-long release of Civ4. By the end, I’ll have taken you through a complete game of Civ4 right up until the Modern era. This post will be edited as I update the website each day with new parts.

Download the walkthrough in PDF format

I hope you enjoy reading through it!

For those who have finished the Walkthrough and are looking for more Civ4 info stuff, try reading through the Succession Game that Sirian and I are playing through. It will be more than worth your time, I guarantee.

Latest update (12/08/2006): Updated the links in this post to reflect the Walkthrough’s new location at my current hosting.

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