Keyboard Shortcuts

P Ping the map
Alt + D Change player name/email
Alt + F Satellite view
Alt + I Remove interface
Alt + O Change perspective
Alt + Q Retire (give up)
Alt + W Access Worldbuilder
ALT + Ctrl + F Flying camera mode (enable in INI file)
Ctrl + B Toggle bare map on/off
Ctrl + C Set all units of same type as active
Ctrl + I Minimize interface
Ctrl + L Load game
Ctrl + M Turn music on/off
Ctrl + O Options menu
Ctrl + R Flag resources on/off
Ctrl + S Save game
Ctrl + T Turn grid on/off
Ctrl + Y Turn tile yields on/off
Ctrl + Tab Chat/Event Log
Ctrl + Left arrow Lock camera angle 45 o CW
Ctrl + Right arrow Lock camera angle 45 o CCW
Shift + D Contact Civ popup
Shift + Enter Force turn to end
Shift + Left. Arrow Rotate camera CW
Shift + Right Arrow Rotate camera CCW
Shift + Tab Chat to all
Shift + F5 Quick save (Single player only)
Shift + F8 Quick load (Single player only)
Enter Cycle units, end turn
Cycle to previous unit
Esc Exit current screen/open menu
, (comma) Cycle to previous unit (same tile)
. (period) Cycle to next unit (same tile)
/ Cycle through active workers
Home, End Cycle through cities
Insert Open nearest friendly city screen
Page Down Zoom camera out
Page Up Zoom camera in
Pause Pause game – pauses turn timer
Print Screen Take Screenshot
Tab Chat to team
Scroll Lock Voice chat to team
Shift + Scroll Lock Voice chat to all
Ctrl + Scroll Lock Voice chat in Diplomacy screen
F1 Domestic Advisor
F2 Financial Advisor
F3 Civics Advisor
F4 Foreign Advisor
F5 Military Advisor
F6 Technology Advisor
F7 Religion Advisor
F8 Victory Status
F9 Demographics
F10 Capital City
F11 Globe View
F12 Civilopedia

B Bombard
B Build City (Settler)
C Center on unit
E Explore
F Fortify
G Go-to mode
I Intercept
L Load (onto ship)
S Sentry (wake for enemy)
U Unload (from ship)
W Wait (move later in turn)
Alt + Click Group all units together
Ctrl + (#) Bind selected group or unit to number
Ctrl + Click Group same type together
Shift + Click Tile context menu
Shift + P Pillage
Space Skip turn for unit
Delete Delete unit
Numpad 5 Center on unit
Numpad arrows Use numpad to move units

Work Boats
F Build fishing nets
O Build offshore platform
Shift + W Build whaling boats

Air Units
B Air bomb mode (cities/tiles)
R Recon mode
S Air strike mode (enemy units)
Alt + R Rebase

City Screen
Enter Exit city screen
Alt + add item to build queue Build item indefinitely
Ctrl + add item to build queue Add to beginning of queue
Shift + add item to build queue Add item to end of queue
Ctrl + (#) Save a production queue. Load w/same key
Insert Open nearest friendly city screen
Middle mouse button Exit city screen
Numpad arrows Cycle through cities
Click “Fwd”, “Back” buttons on mouse to cycle through cities


Mouse Shortcuts
Alt + click on city bar Select all player’s cities
Alt + click on Civ in score display Declare war on that Civ
Alt + right-click a tile Move all units from same tile to selected tile
Ctrl + click on city bar Select all cities on same continent
Ctrl + click on Civ in score display Open trade window with that Civ
Ctrl + roll mouse wheel Cycle units on tile
Shift + click any city bars Select multiple cities (to change production)
Shift + right-click any city bars Set rally point for multiple cities
Shift + click on city bars select those cities to change queue
Shift + click any tile Open context menu for that tile
Shift + Rt. Click city bars Set rally point for those cities
Roll mouse wheel Zoom in/out
Click + hold left & right mouse buttons on map to drag it
Click, + hold right mouse button over enemy for combat odds
Click any tile to center the map on that tile
Click “Forward” and “Back” buttons on mouse to cycle through units on the same tile


Worker Commands
A Automate
H Build camp
I Build farm (irrigate)
K Build workshop
L Build lumbermill
M Build mine
N Build trade network
Q Build quarry
R Build road/railroad
T Build cottage
Alt + C Remove forest/jungle
Alt + R Road-to mode
Ctrl + F Build fort
Shift + Ctrl + C Improve nearest city
Shift + P Build pasture/plantation
Shift + W Build watermill (river), windmill (hill), winery (wine), well (oil)