Annales of Rome the Eternal City

of Rome the Eternal City and the Civilization of the Noble Romans


In the beginning ...Center of the Universe

Compiled by Caius Andu IndorinPersonal Secretary to his Excellency

President Julius Caeser


the Democratic Commonwealth of Rome

upon the Glorious Occasionof Humankind’s Colonizationof the Alpha Centauri system

Julius CaeserStats:

Opposing Leaders:

  • Shakala of the Zulus
  • Frederick of the Germans
  • Gunnhild of the Vikings
  • Montezuma of the Aztecs
  • Mao Tse-Tung of the Chinese
  • Hannibal of the Carthagians
  • Sacajawea of the Sioux
  • Indira Gandhi of the Indians
  • Bortei of the Mongols

Roman ForumGame Variables:

  • Difficulty Level: Deity
  • Level of Competition: 7 Civilizations
  • Level of Barbarian Activity: Raging Hordes
  • Select Computer Opponents: No
  • Bloodlust: No
  • Don’t Restart Eliminated Players: No

Map Variables:

  • Map Size: Large
  • Land Mass: Large
  • Land Form: Continents
  • Climate: Wet
  • Temperature: Cool
  • Age: 3 Billion Years
  • Game Start


Military EventMilitary EventMilitary Event Military Engagement Wonder of the World Wonder of the World
Barbarian IncursionBarbarian IncursionBarbarian Incursion Barbarian Incursion Regime Change Regime Change
City Founding City Foundings Science Event Scientific Achievements
International Relations International Relations Domestic Affairs Domestic Affairs