Civilization Players Leagues News Update

By | June 24, 2018

Civilization Addicts, At CivPlayers, we have been busy over the spring.  We just had a Clan Championship Cup with 6 Clans, and over 120 players, taking place and a great deal of fun was had by all players!

We have also been busy with creating a Better Balanced Game Mod, the aim of this mod is to make all of the Civs equally playable and able to win a game with them, and to balance out some of the game mechanics.  While this mod is designed for us competitive MP players, it’s equally enjoyable for the casual MP player, Co-op player or single player!  So come have a look.

Better Balance Mod

You can comment on the steam page, or come to our discord, main chat and discuss the mod

And for those not totally happy with the Firaxis fix for start positions, we also have our Better Balance Start Fix

Better Balanced Start Fix

We also have a monthly CPL Challenge, much like other GOTM Challenges, however the CPL Challenge is based on settings normal to competitive MP games, only now we are playing the AI, and the winner is who ever satisfies the win condition in the fewest turns!  Come check it out here

And finally, no matter your background, everyone is welcome to come to CivPlayers Leagues Discord and try out a game, we have a “Play Civ6” Zone for casual players, that only requires you link your Steam ID.  Or you can jump right into games that are recorded on Myleague for all posterity!  We welcome players from all backgrounds and skill levels!  Our friendly staff will help get you setup to play!  Our Welcome channel