Civilization VI: Gathering Storm Patch and Livestream Announced

By | March 29, 2019

The first update for Civilization VI: Gathering Storm has been announced. An overview is here:

A livestream discussing the update comes a few short hours from the time of this post.

Edit: Here is the recording of the livestream:

What do you think? Discuss the update video here. Discuss the livestream here.

4 thoughts on “Civilization VI: Gathering Storm Patch and Livestream Announced

  1. Brad Wicker

    If these jersey color changes keep happening I’m going to go insane. Please figure it out. I have to keep adapting to new colors for my most favorite civs.

  2. Brad Wicker

    You may wanna put a change on Canada. Their mounties can be used to massively exploit national parks. Maybe put a limit on how many mounties can make National Parks. I have a friend who mass produces them specifically for national parks, making 10 national parks within one era. Someone with normal faith production for naturalists can’t even come close to that.

  3. Brad Wicker

    It may not be that big of an issue and just in need of a puny nerf.

  4. Brad Wicker

    Or not. On second thought, it’s too fun of a mechanic to take away.

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