An interview with the Humankind beta-testers from Civfanatics

By | August 16, 2021

The Civfanatics community has been following Humankind fore quite a while. Some of our members were involved in the beta-test, some from the beginning, some from later on. We thought it would be interesting for the rest of our members to read, what people who know the game now think about its development and the comparison to Civilization. Our members Zaarin, Siptah, CivLuvah and Boris Gudenuf have agreed to answer us some questions about the development, their opinions about the game, and which thinks make Humankind different. Have a read here in our forum:

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To be noted: To make the forum more accomodating to the new games, we have made two new forums, one specific to Humankind and one specific for Old World. We still stay Civfanatics, but we hope that we know what the Civfanatics want ;).