The CivFanatics review Humankind, review #4

By | August 16, 2021

And we are not done yet with our review series. Our user Infixo, who has a lot of experience with Civ6 and has its own Civ6 AI mod, also took up the challenge of reviewing Humankind.

An excerpt: “Battlefield. This is what is advertised – terrain matters. And, boy oh boy… it matters. It really matters. Where you start a battle can be a difference of losing entire army or not a single unit. I had such a case – after I lost everyone, I reloaded the battle and moved my army into an adjacent tile, and then won with no losses. This taught me quickly that choosing a right battlefield is super important. Which also goes to where you settle your outposts and build cities. A good defensive position is precious.”

He has written down his opinion of the game here:

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