PCGamer: Best Strategy 2021: Old World

By | December 22, 2021

PCGamer has elected Old World as their best strategy game of 2021. Which is quite a feat, since this meant it also beat e.g. Age Of Empires 4!
The article can be found here: https://www.pcgamer.com/best-strategy-game-2021-old-world/

An excerpt:
“It’s so much more than Civ with Crusader Kings’ humanity, though. Mohawk Games and designer Soren Johnson have also reconsidered a big list of 4X systems, as well as finding ways to make the genre more manageable without sacrificing complexity—sometimes they add even more interesting opportunities. The Orders system is fantastic for this very reason. It ostensibly limits how much you can do in a single turn, teaching you to prioritise, but that limitation can be neutralised by making certain decisions that will shape your civilisation and ruler. Simpler but just as welcome, you can undo any action you take, or an entire turn. It’s great for fixing misclicks or silly mistakes, but it’s also a boon for experimentation and learning the ropes.

All this, combined with its more focused timeframe—the name’s a giveaway—and fairly brisk campaign make it easy to get stuck into, but it’s still dense and sometimes opaque. I thought it was great at launch, and I can appreciate it more now.”

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