– Interview with Mohawk Games: 4X Strategy Goodness

By | May 8, 2022

LadiesGamers, a gaming website run for and by women, has published yesterday an interview with Leyla and Soren Johnson about Mohawk Games‘ latest project, Old World.

They talk about the history of Mohawk Games, the inspirations which Soren and the others took for Old World, the change in visual style from the early versions, and the game mechanics which make Old World unique and interesting.

An excerpt:

Old World has a tech tree where new technologies are researched as science is accumulated each turn. However, the tech tree is randomised. How and why did you decide to go that route with the Tech Tree?
4X games and technology trees have a long tradition going back to the original Civilization I. But there is a significant downside in that players discover Golden Paths; the fastest way to get to Gunpowder is to research these ten specific techs in order. Thus, mixing up the player’s options by limiting them to a choice of four techs at a time (which are then reshuffled through a deck of tech cards).
This means that there is no predictable Golden Path. That each research decision becomes more impactful because choosing to research Forestry means you are also choosing not to research Steel until it comes back through the discard and draw piles to your hand.”

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