Humankind: Cultures of Latin America DLC, console release, Bolivar update

By | June 9, 2022

Multiple big Humankind news were released by Amplitude today.

  1. The Cultures of Latin America DLC has been released (not announced, but released). It comes with 6 new cultures, the Caralans, the Nazca, the Taino, the Inca, the Argentinians and Cubans. Discuss the new DLC here. Amplitude is also giving away 1000 keys for free, check it out on their homepage.
  2. The Bolivar update has been released. The above DLC is part of the Bolivar update, among also more events, new wonders, and many, many fixes. Discuss the Bolivar update here.
  3. Humankind will come to consoles. On November 4 Humankind will be released on the Playstation, Xbox, and will be included in the Xbox Game pass. Discuss the console release here.