The Sacred And The Profane – new DLC for Old World – Released January 16 2023, 10% discount

By | January 16, 2023

Mohawk Games, the developers of Old World, have today released the second DLC for their game: The Sacred and the Profane. This expansion adds more of the important features of the base game, like characters and events, and will expand the religion theme, as hinted in the title.

The expansion is available on all the 3 major distribution platforms (see below). If you want to discuss this expansion with us, then join us in the decidated thread in the Old World forum here.

This DLC is right now on sale, with a 10% discount, and costs you only 4.49 instead of 4.99!

Buy “The Sacred and The Profane” on Steam:
Buy “The Sacred and The Profane” on GoG:
Buy “The Sacred and The Profane” in the Epic Store:–the-sacred-and-the-profane

A first let’s play has been published by Explorminate!